Dirty Fingernails – Greetings from Finsbury Park, N4

{mosimage}Sending greetings from their new local neighborhood, this brother/sister duo from Kajaani is focused on conquering the Finnish indie pop market! 




Well, it is true that when you cannot beat the system, you have to change the strategy. Disappointed by the lack of recognition in their native country, Sami and Päivi packed their stuff and headed to London one year ago. And certainly, the experience of playing and surviving in the English capital must have enriched their talent, because their first full length is simply superb. It has everything you can expect from an indie pop band: great lyrics, some mischief and overall the transmitted feeling of having a great fun! 

The first song A European Scream is basically blowing, I just instantly loved it, and although I would have chosen some other more charismatic tracks than Bruno for being the first single, (maybe it could have worked better as second one), the album just improves and improves the more you listen to it. Marianne Faithfull is a great wink to an alive music legend and the fun goes on and on with catchy tracks like Chop Suey or the ending cherry on top of the cake, the sweet The World Comes for a Visit

There is of course space for some traditional Finnish melancholia here in the album, but poured into your ears in a way that feels like grabbing a beer and exclaiming “what the fuck, let’s forget and enjoy the present”.  

English are lucky counting with Dirty Fingernails there, so we just hope that soon they will invade back their native country to make us share that good vibe. A great debut album! 

Rating 4/5.

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