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The Grand

{mosimage}Films about poker and gambling are hot in Hollywood lately. If you enjoy the fascinating world of professional poker tournaments, you will have fun watching this.

It seems that the fever of online poker has also had a deep impact in Hollywood projects. During last year we had the luck of watching very entertaining movies like Lucky You or 21, recreating graciously the atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos. Giving a new twist to the genre, here you have a very entertaining movie to watch starring the reborn Woody Harrelson, matching perfectly his role of crazy-headed gambler addicted to all possible drugs and excesses you can imagine, and with an almost never ending list of ex-wives.  Together with him, a solid cast of secondary roles, with the highlighted presence of German director and actor Werner Herzog and his unmistakable voice.

Shot as a kind of documentary with lots of improvisation by the actors, that parodies the poker tournaments that are achieving so much success lately in mainstream Sport TV channels, the film is funny and intelligent, exploding the freaky side of being a professional poker player, but not going over the top. Hidden in the background, more serious topics like family relations or the change in the lifestyle of Las Vegas are also treated with sarcasm.

Although The Grand is not the best comedy of the last 20 years as it announces in the back of the DVD plastic box, it is certainly entertaining, being a pleasure to watch as Woody Harrelson is able to impulse his career again with a good choice of role. Pay also special attention to the cameo by one of the most legendary poker players alive: Doyle Brunson.

Rating 4/5. 

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