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Eagle vs. Shark

{mosimage}One of the indie movies of 2008. Follow the awkward love story of two misfits trying to find their own little corner in the world. 

One thing you can say about Eagle vs. Shark. It is not the stereotypical movie about a love story. The characters are social outcasts who do not even make a big effort to integrate with the rest of the society, which is the reason maybe the reason why finally they turn to be so appealing and touching. Shot in New Zealand and directed by Taika Cohen, the film combines some good moments, like when they are at the party playing videogames dressed with their customs or the final fight with the old school bully with other not so brilliant. Some up and downs, but all in all, a consistent product. If you enjoyed watching Napoleon Dynamite, probably you will feel identified again with this one, but I must confess I had more fun watching ND. 

If you like unconventional movies with some twisted sense of humor, you will love this film. It is the kind of movie that you can love or hate, but certainly will not leave you indifferent after watching it. Worthy the effort to take a look at it and decide yourself! 

Rating 3/5.

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