Marshall Law – Razorhead

{mosimage}If you like British Power Metal, certainly you are going to be delighted listening to the new album of Marshall Law. 

The band is not new in the metal scene. With seven albums behind their backs and a career that spins around 2 decades, they feature their new studio album, a result of a long process of 3 years of writing and recording. If you are into bands like Saxon or Judas Priest, then definitely you will be into this immediately after turning on  your stereo. Andy Pyke´s vocals sounds charismatic, and the homonymous track of the album, Razorhead, is a great example of what they offer: cutting guitar riffs, blowing drums and no time to retake your breath. Gods of Deception or Night Terror are also a couple of good examples why to purchase this one. 

The good thing is that this work is a solid album of power metal. The bad feature is that basically does not add much new to the genre. Veteran metal heads will be happy to include it in their CD collection, but maybe younger ones prefer to skip it in search or more adventurous musical experiences. 

Rating 3/5.