Exodus – The Atrocity Exhibition

{mosimage}The veteran thrashers from San Francisco Bay are back. Brutal sound for blowing your brains!

ormed in 1982 (Being Metallica´s Kirk Hammet one of its founders), Exodus has been able to remain for more than two decades and a half on top of the metal scene. The Atrocity Exhibition (Exhibit A) has been recorded in Oakland with famous producer Andy Sneap, who has collaborated with some others well known bands like Megadeth or Machine Head. And what you can find here is huge doses of straight trash/speed metal with not much farther space for ornaments or experiments. Rod Dukes works pretty decently in the vocals, from the old trash metal school, sounding like he has to sound: raw and angry; a good substitute for the former singer Paul Baloff, who died in 2002.

But the best part comes from the tight riffs spread all over the tracks, courtesy of Gary Holt and Lee Altus. Just pay attention to the solos in Funeral Hymn or in Children of a Worthless World, suiting perfectly with the drums of Tom Hunting

Definitely delivers a  product with balls that you cannot miss if you want to be tuned with the American trash scene nowadays. Probably the album will have soon a continuation with an "Exhibit B" part, as Holt, the guitar player, recently commented. Reminding for some moments the best and younger Metallica, Exodus has been able to make a great come back.

Rating 4/5