Saxon – To Hell and Back Again

{mosimage}British legendary metal band Saxon features a double DVD with a lot of extra features that surely will leave the fans more than satisfied.

Saxon release a double DVD called To Hell and Back Again with a lot of material. The first disc includes an interesting documentary about the process of creation and touring of their album Lionheart, but in my opinion it turns to be too long, one hour and a half where images and sometimes stupid footage is mixed with some other interesting opinions. Everything could have been looked better and more compact in just half of that time, with a better edition.

There is also a live part with different songs during the tour, but one does not know in what place they are playing every one of them, so it is a bit misleading. The second disc is much better, with all the recent video clips and a very cool tribute to Judas Priest: Doro sits in with the band on the classic song You Got Another Thing Coming, and also 2 excellent clips of their appearance in Rock for Asia 2005.

To all this you add a complete live show in Rocksound festival in Switzerland during 2006 with a good audio and a great feeling with the audience (with some glorious moments like when singer Biff Byford explains to the audience that he is not wearing his shorts, but some others he had to borrow since his pairs are still left in Finland). All in all, not a bad release at all,  with good and bad moments, but with a very big amount of curious and unreleased material if you want to know more about one of the fiercest metal band of the history.