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{mosimage}Life in jail turns into hell for Stephen Dorff. But he will also find some important allies inside the walls…


I must confess I did not have many expectations before watching this Felon. I thought it would be the typical film about jails, and certainly, in a way it is the typical film about jails…but well done. The topical issues are there: the surviving inside the walls, the enemies and the friends, the desperation, the unfairness… But one feature that turns a movie into a good one is a good director with a good script, and Felon has both. Director Ric Roman Waugh transmit a lot with his style of filming, with those fights that look so real, with the oppressive atmosphere of a real prison, and with the duality in the minds of the main characters that make you feel identified and guessing what would you do if “that” would happen to you in your real life.


The other main feature is to have good and talented actors, and this Felon nails it there again: Val Kilmer is at his best since… I don’t know, maybe since Heat. Stephen Dorff is reborn here and totally plausible in his role, Harrold Perrineau and Nate Parker are just perfect as the good and the bad prison officers and Marison Nichols goes alone with her part more than finely (and leaves us as a gift for the eyes a tasty top less scene).


A movie worthy to watch. It will make you reflect about how life can change very fast from one day to another.


Rating 4/5.


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