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Pankkikeikka (The Bank Job)

{mosimage}Based on true events, here comes a twisted history involving the British Royal Family, a porn king, the secret service and a bunch of crazy criminals.


Films about bank robberies are not exactly anything new. Every year there are a bunch of new ones trying to be the ultimate shock in the genre. With this Bank Job you are not going to find amazing final second twists, or great action sequences; the strongest points are in the solid acting skills of Jason Statham, perfect as always in his role of tough pettish British criminal and a good selection of secondary actors.


Nonetheless, I do not like Saffron Burrows for the main female role, she does not appear sexy neither enigmatic, and the chemistry there is just totally missed; a poor counter partner for Statham. Dialogues have some good moments, but characters are not built strongly enough. You do not feel identified with them, ending up not giving a damn if they get caught or suffer, or they can finally get rid of their problems after the robbery.


From my point of view, director Roger Donaldson tried to make his own personal version of Guy Ritchie’s movies, taking inspiration from Lock & Stock or Snatch, but the script miserably failed, leaving a film that you will forget about after 10 minutes of watching it.


It has a couple of good details though, if you are a rock music fan, try to spot the cameos of Pete Townsend and Mick Jagger


Rating 2/5.


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