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Five Finger Death Punch – The Way of the Fist

{mosimage}One of the strongest debut releases in American metal scene, a band that sounds great in studio and are not afraid to backing it up on Tour.



Hungarian Zoltan Bathory (ex member of U.P.O.) formed 5FDP in 2005. The musicians are young but not inexperienced, since they have a strong background, having played with bands such as W.A.S.P., Motograter or Anubis Rising.


What you have here is 12 tracks of metal “on your face”. Music is direct and a bit raw (same than the excellent artwork of the album), but also compact and with good melody. You get a good impression from the beginning from this fans of Kill Bill (the name of the band is extracted from the blow that Uma Thurman gives to David Carradine at the end of the second part of the Tarantino´s saga), with the outstanding track Ashes and the album continue evolving you, special mention for the good skills of the vocalist Ivan “Ghost” Moody, who knows when to scream and when to soften the tone (if not take a glimpse at his excellent work in the 4th track The Bleeding), mastering the tempo of the songs and receiving a great help from the rest of the band with the back-up vocals. Guitar riffs are sharp like a knife, but overall is the brutal drums of Jeremy Spencer what keeps pushing and pushing the album all the way until the end.


Although maybe does not sound so classy metal, the quality of the record stands itself to gain fast a good legion of fans, no wonder that sold 300.000 copies while the band introduced it touring extensively in North America; it is certainly a superb first effort and specially if you like bands like Korn, you will adopt them into your CD collection in no time.


Rating 4/5.


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