Soziedad Alkoholika – Mala Sangre

{mosimage}One of the most veteran Spanish rock bands is back on the road after a few years of silence with a new and deliciously incorrect album.



After having signed with Roadrunner, the Basque band from Vitoria is back again with this Mala Sangre (“Bad Blood”). SA was in the middle of a big polemic a few years ago, when their lyrics were targeted by some sectors of the Spanish society as being praising the terrorism. Finally, the band was absolved in court of any responsibility, and here they are again with the songs and far from other turbulent business out of their music.


What you have here is an album that sounds rounded, well measured, powerful, “thrashy” but also with some touches of punk and classic rock, and with Juan, the lead singer, shouting again acid lyrics that complain about the Government and the established forces of power in the society.


If you do not understand Spanish, this is obviously going to undermine your perception of SA, because the lyrics have really a strong political content and a lot of slang. Maybe is not the best rock band in Spain from a technical point of view, neither have the best vocalist, but their charisma on and off stage is still ranking very high. If you enjoy discovering rock bands that do not only sing in English, and listening to lyrics loaded with rage and messages, SA is for you.


Rating 3/5