{mosimage}The story of legendary Finnish rocker Remu Aaltonen and his band: The Hurriganes, that remains one of the most important music phenomena in Finnish history.

Ganes is interesting to watch for both Finnish and foreign audience. For the first ones, it is an approach to one of the biggest rock and roll bands of the country with many winks to Finnish culture. For the later, it is an excellent way of knowing how Finland was, especially Helsinki area (and the neighborhood of Pohjois-Haaga, where I lived myself during half a year), almost four decades ago.

The picture of the film is excellent and you can really feel embedded in the atmosphere of the 70s. Legendary venues like Vanha or Tavastia that are still the temples of music in Finland, are portrayed here, following the first steps and struggles of The Hurriganes in their way to success. However, this film focuses mainly in the character of Remu Aaltonen, a young and disturbed guy, with never ending problems against authority and police that will find his vocation in rock scene.

Eero Milonoff completes an excellent performance (taking into account that the guy did not know anything about music before facing this role) as Remu, but I miss some more interaction with secondary characters. The other members of the band or of his own family (Tommi Korpela as the drunkard father is excellent in the few minutes that he is allowed to appear on scene) are poorly portrayed. And the music takes for too long a secondary role along most of the movie against the relation between Remu and justice.

In any case, the film is solid, the script is good enough to have some excellent and exciting moments, like the final arrival of the ferry to Helsinki and the police checking, and all in all, the best is that it provides an excellent choice to rediscover the music of The Hurriganes.

Rating 3/5.