Monster Magnet – 4-way Diablo

{mosimage}Veterans Monster Magnet are back with a new album that continues in the same line that Monolithic Baby.

Dave Wyndorf and Ed Mundell are back after 3 years with a new studio album full of straight rock & roll: 4-Way Diablo. No time for keyboards here but recovering some old essence of this band that was one of the pioneers of the space-rock in the 70s. Monster Magnet repeats the formula rescued in their previous albums and come back with tremendous guitar riffs, great lyrics and a 100% rock spirit.

An arsenal of good songs as the best therapy to exorcise the bad spirits that could wander around the band. Sometimes the compositions are strong and raw, pure stoner rock, like in the catchy Blow Your Mind with a short but brutal solo guitar riff or in the raw No Vacation, while there are also moments for ballads and softer tunes like in Cyclone; but always with the guitars shining all over the record. The band from New Jersey includes this time a more than praising cover of the Rolling Stones: 2000 Lightyears from Home with Wyndorf having nothing to envy to Mick Jagger, but adding his personal touch at the same time. The singer and main engine of the band sounds focused and in a very good shape, so we hope that all the problems that brought him to a drug overdose a couple of years ago.

Resuming, 4-Way Diablo a superb album. Monster Magnet rules!

Rating 5/5