Greenday – 21st Century Breakdown

It seems that it was yesterday when these American punk rockers set a little revolution with their agile music… and now we can enjoy already their 8th studio album!


Greenday was quite important in my teenage years. Together with Offspring, they opened me the doors to punk music and many other classic bands during the nineties. But while Offspring are lost in combat, Greenday resist in an excellent shape (even appearing in The Simpsons movie last year).

The album is conceived in a kind of rock-opera mode, divided into 3 different parts, but not, this is not exactly an Ayreon album, so do not expect very long symphonic tracks, most of the songs remain fast and powerful, although I miss a bit of the fierce spirit of their first albums. Greenday, with the past of years, have gained in composing better lyrics and sounding more compact and clean, but have lost in spontaneity.  Nowadays is just another good rock band that appears often on MTV, but although still acid, not a reference for younger audiences anymore.

Do not misunderstand me, the album has a great quality, with excellent tracks like Last Night on Earth or Know your Enemy, but you would expect Greenday moving in a bit different league than Nickelback… and that is not the case…

Rating 3/5