Haloo Helsinki! – Haloo Helsinki!

{mosimage}The band from the Finnish capital features their debut album during this August, followed by an extensive tour around Finland.

Coming from the capital, there is no wonder that the introductory track of the album is named after the band: Haloo Helsinki!. A good representative track of what you can expect later: the voice of Elli singing lyrics for a youthful urban audience. At some point it feels a bit like the singer is a younger version of Maija Vilkkumaa, with the record company EMI making an effort to catch teenage audience around the country. The rest of the members of the band are Jere and Leo on the guitars and Jukka on the drums.


Do not misunderstand me. For being a debut album from a young band, Haloo Helsinki! sounds pretty cool. The production work is nice and some songs are really catchy like Yksinäiset or Perjantaina. It is just the feeling that the Finnish market is a bit overwhelmed with bands and female singers with similar style. Sure Haloo Helsinki! will leave a good feeling when appearing on live gigs and festivals together with the bunch of the other pop-rock Finnish bands aimed at youngsters, but it will be difficult that they can head out unless they are able to find a bit more personal style and “trademark”.  

Rating 3/5.