I hate Kate – embrace the curse

{mosimage}We don’t know what Kate did to be hated like this, but sure we know that the Californian guys are able to provide some awesome lyrics.


From Huntington Beach in California comes this original band with a good load of power pop that turns to be in some songs pretty danceable. Listening to their new album, embrace the curse, during the first couple of songs I had the impression that they could share some features with the Australian the Wombats, but I hate Kate goes far beyond the simple formula of just offering easy listening songs to forget about worries, and are able to compose intelligent and wonderful pieces like the funny I´m in love with a sociopath or the romantic It’s you.

The band has been around for 3 years now, and it is comprised of Justin Mauriello (vocals/guitar), Scott Hayden (bass) and Jeremy Berghorst (guitar). Step by step, they have gained a reputation touring around USA and recently they also had the chance to play a visit to Japan.

We wish good luck to the Californian guys, and hope that in a near future they will be able to visit Europe and delight us with some kickin´pop-rock.  

Rating 4/5.