Happy 2009!

A new year starts (shit, it seems to be yesterday when they were announcing the end of the world with the arrival of year 2000…), and FREE! Magazine is still here to offer you more interesting features, stories, reviews, interviews and prices.

From my personal point of view, 2008 was a tough year. I spent half of it trying to look for a job, and the other half trying to recover from all the previous months without job. Situation led to my temporal move from Finland to Estonia to work with an IT company, but one also learns important lessons from the bad times. Even though the difficulties, I was able to graduate with a MD at Tampere University, and continued writing for FREE! Magazine and other publications inside and outside Finland, although not having always all the time wanted to improve the contents.

happy 2009

Music, overall rock music, has been the spine of FREE! Magazine in 2008, but I still hope that we can offer more diversity in this new year, focusing also not only in happenings that take place in Finland but as well on a more general landscape that could include all Scandinavian and Baltic countries. And as always, you are more than welcome to participate with your comments, ideas and help. If you want to be in direct contact, you can easily drop me a few lines to:


For the moment, we know that in 2009 Metallica and AC/DC will visit Finland again, so this year cannot be so bad (even including worldwide crisis), can it?