{mosimage}One of the most complete compilations of the best Finnish rock hits of the past year.

Now that 2008 has just finished, it is an excellent time to make balance of all what the Finnish rock and metal scene offered during 2008. And surely, nobody can deny that it is going through a sweet moment, with veteran bands in good shape and new interesting ones appearing behind every stone. In this double CD you will find a bit of everything among the 32 tracks: heavyweights of Finland´s rock scene such as Nightwish, The Rasmus, Negative, Apulanta o the Euro-Teräsbetoni together with new blood with young bands of excellent quality such as Automatic Eye, Lovex (these ones are young but veterans) Dirty Fingernails or the dangerous girls of Pintandwefall. And as the cherry on top of the cake, one of the best melodic rock bands that you can find in Europe nowadays: Brother Firetribe.  

As all the albums that try to gather material from so many different bands, there are good and bad sides. It is an excellent chance to discover new Finnish bands, or an excellent album to give as a present to a friend eager to discover the rock music of Finland, but it does not scratch much deeper, and mixes bands that go from punk to merely pop. If you go to the official website of the album, there is the chance to listen to a sample of every song, which surely will make easier the decision of purchasing the album and will avoid unpleasant surprises about what to expect there (although it is pretty obvious what to expect there).


All in all, I enjoyed listening to the selection and the album shows once more that Finland and its music really kick ass!  

Rating 4/5.