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Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

{mosimage}The so long-awaited 4th long-feature of the popular saga is finally in DVD for the delight of millions of Indy’s fans around the world! 


fter many years waiting for it and with a hesitant Steven Spielberg finally getting embarked as director of the project, the action cinema lovers had in front of their eyes the new Indiana Jones film. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was a little masterpiece in the genre, and according to Harrison Ford, he was waiting for the right script to come back to incarnate to the intrepid professor and archeologist. Funnily, we could say that it is precisely the script the weakest part of the film. The introductory sequence in the military base already tells that this is going to be the weakest Indiana Jones movie so far, and the continuation does not improve much the first impression.

The movie has some good moments and features, like the plausible appearance of Harrison Ford who makes fun of his own age, or the good choice of Shia Labeouf as Mutt. But Cate Blanchett´s role is certainly a parody of what a good “evil” character must look like in the saga and some action sequences like the attack of the giant ants, the atomic explosion or Mutt jumping like a monkey from tree to tree are too far ridiculous. 

It looks like this time the tandem Spielberg/Lucas did not find the inspiration to achieve what fans were so long expecting. Let’s see if there is finally a fifth last chapter of the saga to leave a better taste in the mouth of Indy’s followers.  

Rating 3/5

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