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{mosimage}Once is probably one of the best Irish films coming into scene in the last decade. Discover the power of music in the streets of Dublin.


First time I watched Once was in a little film festival sitting in open air in a quite cold summer night. At the beginning, being honest, I was about to leave, thinking it would lead me nowhere while watching how a girl with strange accent was wandering around Dublin with her vacuum cleaner. But step by step I got totally involved in the action. Director John Carney, who also wrote the script, achieves one of the best indie movies of the past years, ending up with a surprising but refreshing success in many countries where cinema distributors were convinced to give it a try. With a very little budget and a solid plot, he narrates a beautiful tale of love, music, hopes and sometimes harsh reality.


Glen Hansard (maybe he rings a bell for some of you having acted in The Commitments years ago) and Marketa Irglova have a good chemistry together, and it is delicious to walk around the streets of Dublin while following their adventures and misadventures. Music is superb (the film won the Academy Award for the best song) and the characters feel real.


Maybe it touched especially my hearts since I am an expat too and I lived in Ireland for 1 month, but this DVD is worthy every penny of it. A tasteful movie that proves that great cinema can be also made with low-budget.


Rating 5/5

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