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Just Buried

{mosimage}A dark comedy full of corpses, lust, jealousy and tones of humor! Follow Oliver in his new bussiness with the dead ones.



I had read some not so positive reviews before watching this DVD, so actually my expectations were gladly more than fulfilled at the end of the movie. Maybe Just Buried does not have the more original plot you can find in a comedy, but the movie gets increasing in quality the more you watch it, mainly due to the good chemistry and performances of the main characters, Rose Byrne as the lascivious and greedy Roberta and Jay Baruchel as the timid Oliver.


The location of the small community where the story takes place is perfectly suitable, the (non always so) accidental murderers  are plausible, and the evolution of Oliver’s character is really funny and evolves the whole essence of the movie, Maybe the end happens to be a bit too “in a rush” in comparison with the general rhythm of the film, but the final twist is certainly a good one, and you will feel like having been entertained when you reach the final credits, something that not all the comedies happen to achieve nowadays.


Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: It gets better after the first half an hour


The worst: not apt for people who cannot stand corpses


The detail: it has a strong inspiration from the movie Comedy of Terrors, where the main plot is basically the same.

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