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Pintandwefall – Hong Kong, Baby

{mosimage}The follow up album to Wow, what was that, baby? just hit the streets the 21st of January


The followers of these young four energetic girls have not had to wait for long, after their debut work in 2007, for the release of the second studio album. The girls from Helsinki offer a collection of 11 tracks full of mischief, light lyrics, fun and garage rock riffs. The beginning of the album caught me a bit cold, but soon the music warmed me up with the second splendid Beef Rice or the enjoyable Angus.


Pintandwefall brings you all what you can expect from a young band, some fun and tracks that can be easily listened at whatever party with your friends. For those who are expecting a deeper and more philosophical work here, this is probably not your album.


Not a bad effort, but I would like to see how their style develops in a few years when the label of “young promising female rock band” does not work the same to attract listeners.


Rating 3/5.

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