{mosimage}Director Markku Pölönen tells the story of a bohemian family that believes to be the descendents of the Romanov in Finland.

A finnish family that wanders around like gypsies, lost in memories and tales of other better past times, joined by a young guy who loses the memory, Samuli Vauramo, as Kasper. A family that is leaded by strong women, opposite to the brothers who do not seem to do anything more than drinking and spending the money with no sense.

Finnish director Markku Pölönen defends family values in a Finnish society that seems to be losing them too quickly at the present times.In any case, the action is slow during the first half of the movie, only spiced up by the moments when Kasper meets the young and pretty Kaisa (Sanna-Kaisa Palo) and it just start to become more interesting with the superb appearance of Peter Franzén as Laszlo, the black sheep of the family who has been travelling around Europe, and comes back to deceive the good feelings of the Kopeloinen family. He is probably the best of a film that tries to be deep but falls in the simplicity of the boredom too often. Unfortunately, for those of you who cannot understand Finnish, it can be difficult to follow since the DVD only counts with Swedish subtitles. 

Rate: 2/5.