When the Empire Falls – When the Empire Falls

{mosimage}A classic heavy metal style for a new band coming from Tampere. 

When the Empire Falls is a relatively new band that exploded during the last year 2007 when they won a contest for new bands that allowed them to play at Provinssirock festival in Seinäjoki. After releasing The Blood in Your Hands, the band strikes back soon again in the beginning of 2008 with their homonymous album When the Empire Falls. Lyrics in English for a project started by 2 friends: guitar players Rami Jämsä and Markus Härkönen.

For being almost a debutant band, the work is compact and mature, and surprises me the excellent skills on the vocals of Tommi Tahuanpää. Apart from that, the guys from Tampere have got a great chance to promote themselves with the opportunity of playing with the “hottest metal band in Finland nowadays”: the Euro-Teräsbetoni, in 2 gigs in Turku and Tampere. Nice classic metal tracks like When the Empire Falls, Sinner or Judgment Awaits  with powerful drums backing up the vocals, but once again the band will face the same problem: there are dozens of bands of the same style appearing in the Finnish market every year, and it is becoming very difficult to give the big step and jump from small clubs to bigger arenas.

In any case, When the Empire Falls seems to have the energy, the talent and the youth to get it, so keep a close eye on them! 

Rate: 3/5.