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Medeia – Cult

{mosimage}The guys from Tampere have joined forces with Fullsteam Records to release their second studio album.


Fullsteam Records is well known in Finland for dominating the pop and indie scene with bands after bands that are achieving a kind of “Fullsteam sound”, maybe nothing seen in the country since the times of Love Records. So in a way it is refreshing that they turned their eyes into a project like Medeia, more oriented into a gloomy death metal scene.


Founded in 2002, Medeia as any other small band that tries to head out worked hard at the beginning self producing their first album. Now, with a strong record company backing them up, they are projecting to conquer the European market, and no doubt that this Cult is a good step. Just the artwork of the CD exhales quality, and when you start to listen to the album, you realize that it has a lot to offer far beyond a typical death metal sound. Listen to tracks like Manifestation or The Lowest Filth and you can see how the lyrics are carefully mastered and the touch of experimentation puts the band aside from the risk of resulting boring or repetitive. Even when death metal Is not my favorite style, I must admit I am gladly please with Cult. We wish all the best for the Tampere fellas!


Rating 4/5.

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