Ross the Boss – New Metal Leader

{mosimage}The former founder of bands like The Dictators or Manowar features a new album well into the roots of heavy metal.


Beloved by many Manowar fans around the world who would like to see him back with Dimaio and Cia, Ross the Boss has forged an outstanding career as heavy metal and punk rock musician during the last two decades, with many collaborations and new projects with new and old fellas. Now, in August 2008, it is about to see released his new album: New Metal Leader. With Patrick Fuchs doing a decent job in the vocals, the album will give you exactly what you expect, no more no less. This means Ross´cutting guitar riffs all over and a style resembling in many parts of the album the old classics of Manowar. As some of the favorite tracks in the album I would highlight Blood of Knives and the catchy I got the Right.  

The production is well made and taken care by Tarek Maghary and the album sounds consistent, clean and compact. But as usual the question arises: would not be better to hear Ross´efforts back with his Manowar fellas, instead of having an alternative project that sounds pseudo-Manowar? It is up to you to decide after listening to his new album.


Rating 3/5