Napalm Death – Time waits for no slave

{mosimage}The fathers of grindcore, the British brutal metal band from Birminghan is back in better shape than ever!

I must honestly confess that grindcore is not one of my favourite metal genres. Maybe I find it “too much” for my taste. I usually find more enjoyable classic hard rock and metal. All in all, I must not less than recognize the merit of Napalm Death. They still sound like youngsters full of rage, not easy for a band whose members are around their 40s.Far from resting on their laurels, the album is again incendiary but catchy at the same time with a sharpened sound and Greenway´s still in great shape as vocalist.

With 28 years of career and 14 albums released, you could not ask for much more than what the British offer here; an album that will please the hardcore fans at the same time that opens a bit the door for other kind of audiences that not necessarily are into grindcore to get to like them. Definitely again a good work!

Rating 3/5.