Pin Ion – Take your time

{mosimage}Debut  album for another amazing Finnish rock band. It seems that the resources to give birth to great bands are never ending in our dear Suomilandia!

Founded at the beginnings of the decade by vocalist H-P Poikonen, the band has been around in Finnish and other international stages (like in Estonia) for a few years, gaining experience and having a few changes in the formation until it seems they have reached enough maturity to release a full length debut album. And the result is quite astonishing. This Take your time exhales quality from the first blowing track Burning Bridges. Poikonen´s vocal skills are some of the best I have heard recently in “new” Finnish singers and the orchestration sounds compact, with a very well produced sound, and an amazing artwork (really, the CD cover must be the most beautiful one I have seen in Finnish releases for a very long time!). The quality of the melodic rock played by the Finnish does not decrease with great other tunes like the first single Ordinary Special (that reminds me of the British band Uninvited Guest) or the touching ballad Love is dead.

I could say that this Take your time is one of the best surprises of the last month in the Finnish hard rock scene, but it seems I repeat the same every few weeks due to the big amount of amazing titles that we receive from new talented bands. So resuming, I just can say that if you like good melodic rock, you cannot miss listening to Pin Ion and checking out their live concerts. A superb debut album that hopefully will be followed up by a great success story!

Rating 5/5.