Nicole – Tuomittujen Joukkoon

With a very brutal sound, here is the fourth album by Nicole released with their own label Biotech.


Well, I cannot say that Nicole´s new release is a bad album… as far as you are into hardcore metal. The point is that maybe I have started to feel a bit bored of bands whose lyrics are almost gibberish due to the screams of the singer. Do not misunderstand me, if you like Finnish bands like Diablo or even the English Napalm Death, you will probably enjoy this. The guitar riffs are sharp and fast, good work by Ketola and Laitala there, and the guys sound compact. But it does not really add anything much to the overpopulated genre.

If you need to unload some good doses of adrenaline while listening to tracks (only 9 shapes the album) like Delirium, Kuolemaan Asti Sinun or Syvä Vesi, this will do the trick. But for me, I am still looking for a little bit “more” than just power when I listen to a metal band.

Rating 3/5