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Nika – Lauluni Mun

{mosimage}The Helsinki-based and Tampere-born young singer features her debut album

First thought that I had when I took a look at Nika´s CD is that it would be another average female Finnish singer with the catchy and easy listening pop-songs that can reach easily teenage audiences. Well, the album is easy to listen, but it is a nice breeze of fresh musical air to listen to the groovy, blues and hip hop rhythms added here.

Not that we have something totally breaking new, but the work is more than good for being the first full length. The catchy track Sovita mua will make you move your feet while other songs are more introspective, narrating the everyday life from the eyes of a young girl, like Hiipuu or the sweet Heikkona hetkenä.

A notable effort for young Nika, who manages to deliver a pretty enjoyable record.

Rating 3/5.

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