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Profane Omen – Inherit the void

{mosimage}After a couple of years without having new material, the metal band from Lahti provides us with a little masterpiece of new album

Honestly, I hardly knew Profane Omen before this new album fell into my hands, so I had a totally “blank” mind towards what I could find here. And the result has just blown me off.  Starting with the following guitar solo of Williami Kurki in the intro Seconds and followed up by the hammering drums beats of Base, this is a squared album of good heavy metal. Although the work has a good doses of groove metal, it is certainly not difficult to listen to even for the non-extremist metal fans.  The shouts and the most melodic vocal tones in the lyrics are perfectly measured, and certainly the result is powerful, but not too off the hook.  Even the slower "ballad" In the middle I breath puts the top on this metal musical cake.

All in all a great album and a good surprise (I needed this week just to listen to an album exhaling energy like this during the boring office hours). If Profane Omen would be an American band, they would have already broken through international charts, so I just hope they find the right promotion to make their dreams come true.

Rating 5/5.

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