Paganus – Paganus

{mosimage}From Hamina comes Paganus, spreading their doom metal all over Finland. 

What do Hamina, a small population in Finland, and Jerusalem, the capital or Israel, have in common? Well…at least one doom metal band called Paganus. The 5 members of the Finnish band entered the studio in 2006 to record their first album, with only 4 tracks but almost 50 minutes length, since a couple of tracks are over 11 minutes and the final one Stab runs for more than 16 minutes, and seems that they did not find much support from their native record labels (doom is not so popular genre in Finland) so they released finally with TotalRust Music, an Israelian label.

The band is composed by Manu Liira on the guitar, Teemu Muhli on the bass, Tomi Pekkola as drummer, Mikko Nenonen helping with the noise and Markus Lanki on the vocals.If you like other doom bands like Burning Witch or Neurosis, this kind of sound will ring a bell in your head. For the rest, maybe it can be too extreme. In any case, the work still smells like a young band that has a long way to mature, and more amount of tracks in future albums without abusing of running time would be more than welcome, otherwise the album gets to be too monotonous. 

Rate 2/5.