{mosimage}A new generation of American comedy is settled after titles like Knocked Up or this exhilarating Superbad. 

It seems that the genre of teenage comedy does not stop to get renewed and reinvented. If some years ago, we saw with astonishing the raw, non political correct but still very funny saga of American Pie (too much extended lately with films that are not even the shadow of the best couple of movies of the saga), a group of young talented American had done it again. Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill have been able to create two of the most successful comedies of the last year in the cinema theaters: Knocked Up and Superbad.

Opposite to American Pie, here the jokes are a bit less “disgusting” and the plot is more imaginative, although the centre of the action has similar foundations: the first sexual experiences of not very popular teenagers, and the strong bounds after many years of friendship that cannot be easily broken, even when in the middle of the action appear two crazy policemen (Seth Rogen and Bill Hader), that together with the role of Christopher Mint-Plasse (how to forget his fake driving license) are the best of the movie.

Although all in all, the movie maybe does not deserve the huge attention enjoyed in the media during the last months, it is true that will provide you with an entertaining time. I bet that we won´t have to wait long to see an incoming second part of the saga… 

Rate 3/5.