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Pentujengit Alaskassa

{mosimage}The little buddies from the Disney series are back. This time, surrounded by snow immersed in a dangerous sledge competition in the middle of Alaska…

Well, obviously from the beginning, it is worthy to mention that this is a movie to watch in family; ideal if you have small children, or if you just want to show your most adorable and animal-caring side to your couple. The plot of the movie does not really matter, because obviously it does not make much sense that the dogs can be so smart to travel by themselves or even help in building a sledge. And obviously it would be impossible that just little puppies would win a sledge race against veteran huskies… So let´s forget about the continuous leaks on the plot and let´s focus on the positive sides… that are basically how cute the puppies are. Basically the movie has little more to offer than just showing some of the cutest dogs you can see in a big screen in the world. The 5 brothers are just adorable in every move, not mentioning the little Husky puppy, baptised by my girlfriend as the cutest puppy she has ever seen.

If you are looking for strong emotions, obviously this movie is not exactly exhaling adrenaline. But if you have small children who love dogs and animals, this is a very nice product to watch altogether. You get what it was expected, no more, no less. For me it was enough, although if it was just for missing my little dog there far in Spain, at my parent´s house…

Rating: 3/5


{mosimage}The best: Well, you just feel like adopting all the puppies when you see them moving so cutely.

The worst: It does not really give you much surprises, neither has a great developed sense of comedy.

The detail: Talon´s voice is done by no less than Kriss Kristofferson himself.       

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