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The Protector

{mosimage}Follow the steps of Kahm, a young Thai fighter who travels to Australia to recover his beloved elephant. Action is in the air!

Tony Jaa, who started to become really popular in Europe after his previous film Ong Bak, strikes back in a movie full of action and good fights. Certainly, he can be considered the Asian successor of Jet Li or Jackie Chan in the martial arts genre. The plot of the movie is nothing special. As you can imagine, there are many flaws, and the script is just basically an excuse to show the abilities of Mr. Jaa. But the fight scenes, that are basically the “core” of the movie, are astonishing, beautiful, fast and absorbing. There are a couple of excellent moments, like the sequence when Tony is climbing upstairs, with no cuts of camera for more than 4 minutes, just punching and kicking all what moves around, and another is in the room on fire, when he beats one after another the different martial masters of many disciplines.If you like Asian martial arts movies, you are going to love this one.

If you are looking for a better and deeper script combining with action, maybe some other kind of recent releases, like for example Taken, can fulfil you better; a question of taste. But from my point of view, this Thai one is a good spicy one to taste.  


Rating 3/5 

{mosimage}The best: The fight between Jaa and the capoeira master

The worst: It does not have English subtitles.

The detail: no stunt doubles were used during filming.


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