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Shoot ´em Up

{mosimage}Guns, blood, millions of bullets flying around and… carrots!!?? A breathtaking action for a movie that takes the shooting scenes to a new level! 

Shoot ´em Up is just the perfect show for Clive Owen. After showing his skills as tough guy in Sin City, he comes back as the mysterious and lethal bulletproof “ bad ass” able to dispatch killers faster than eating carrots. Do not expect here a great drama or a huge developed plot. Dialogues just link action sequences, but what action sequences! All the best from shooting scenes in film history has been condensed (and mostly improved here).

And the main characters have also some sticky and funny lines, very according with the general relaxed atmosphere of a movie planned to entertain, not to reflect about. Monica Bellucci looks splendidly sensual (as always) and Paul Giamatti is quite convincing as the methodic leader of the organization trying to kill the innocent baby rescued by Mr. Smith.

Hundreds of different ways of watching a bad guy dying with a bullet inside any part of their bodies, slow motions purely “Made in Matrix”, a corrupted runner to the White House that gets what he deserves, teasing games with the guns,  one of the funniest torture scenes you can see lately (Tarantino and Roth can learn a bit for a hypothetic new Hostel´s film) and some splendid final credits are some of the good arguments of a film that will certainly entertain you for one hour and a half. And you can always learn a couple of new ways to use a carrot as a lethal weapon…

Rating 3/5.

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