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Stranger in You

{mosimage}What is left when your life is torn into pieces by cruel and heartless people? Revenge. 

Director Neil Jordan (Michael Collins, Interview with the Vampire) has been able to put together another solid movie with this Stranger in You (also known as The Brave One). It looks like the feeling of vengeance is getting very present in Hollywood industry, since it seems that there are rumors that also an American version of the Asian hit Simpathy for Ms. Vengeance will be shot soon, having Charlize Theron as its main star.

Here we find the always admirable Jodie Foster, that although not completing the best role of her life, looks solid as the tormented radio journalist who is cruelly beaten and suffers the loss of her fiancée in front of her eyes, finding the peace of mind only when pulling the trigger to get New York rid of some disturbing and not much friendly human beings. But the nicest surprise of the movie is undoubtedly the excellent work of Terrence Howard as the methodic detective whose morality is going to face a serious dilemma while getting more and more involved with Foster´s character. Howard looks convincing, tough but funny and friendly at the same time, and steals the show from Foster whenever they share sequences.There are some fluctuations in the storytelling that could have been improved. Not much space for secondary roles, turning the end the movie is just a “tëte a tëte” between the two main characters. It could have been much more dynamic with some interventions of other side characters like the female radio boss, the neighbor or the closest friend.

In any case, there are a couple of features that make the film quite unique and rule-breaker, and I like that feeling of challenging the mainstream trends in the industry. One is the end: polemic and surely not correct at all for many conservative watchers, but that is exactly the feature that makes it great. For once, it runs away from Hollywood´s formulas and shows a character that can break the law without paying the final prize. Secondly, it also breaks the taboo of interracial couples in Hollywood; Foster´s murdered boyfriend is Indian, and the detective (with some slight flirting going on) is black. A good combination for an actress publicly declared lesbian.

All in all, not a masterpiece, but entertaining and challenging enough to make you have a good time and reflect about some moral questions and the fairness of revenge after watching it.

Rating 3/5.

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