Silentrain – Wrong Way to Salvation

{mosimage}This young formation is hitting hard and mercilessly! You will have to see them soon opening for Lauren Harris in Helsinki.

Silentrain are coming from Kitee, the same small population near the Russian border that saw the birth of Nightwish. And you can find some similarities in the style between both bands, although here you can find maybe a more direct classical approach to metal instead of so much symphonic ornamentation. Previously known as Dunces (the new name sounds much better, don’t you think?), they feature their third studio album, first one with StayHeavyRecords.

What you will find here is a good collection of metal. Great work with the instruments by the guys, you can notice that here are many hours of hard practice in their backs, and from the beginning the album sounds solid and well produced, with the epic Until You Break giving a great start and No More representing an awesome follow-up. Broken has a similar sound to the great Nightwish classics, maybe a bit more thrashy instead of harmonic, but it perfectly works and Ride with the Devil has that touch of instant classic that makes it be my favorite track of the album. Marko Kämäräinen makes a great job with the vocals, and certainly the impression is that the band has been on the road for longer time than actually has.

Added to this, the CD artwork is great, so the band can feel totally satisfied with the result of the album. I hope that after new chances to play in front of bigger audiences will appear soon for these talented metal heads.

Rating 4/5.