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{mosimage}Disney and Pixar release one of the most innovative animation movies in the history of cinema. Join this little robot in its amazing quest! 

With no doubt, this is the most “adult” animation movie that the privileged brains of Pixar have created so far. That does not mean that children would not enjoy it also. Wall-E is able to touch the hearts of all just with a shocking visual display and a great script, where dialogues are almost non-existent (the first human dialogue appears long after the first half an hour of the movie). Maybe you do not encounter here the hilarious humor of other previous great movies like Toy Story’s saga, but Wall-E digs much deeper, with robots that have feelings more humans than the humans themselves, flourishing topics like loneliness, love, commitment… It is a small homage to all the great science-fiction movies (probably you won’t miss the connection between Autopilot and 2001. A Space Odyssey) but at the same time it places far from being just a rip-off.

Just after watching the movie, my first thought was that it was not as entertaining as other animation movies. Then, reflecting about it, everything made sense. Wall-E is far beyond the animation genre, it becomes simply a beautiful piece of cinema, leaving you with the impression that you assisted to something magical and beautiful; the essence of cinema itself.

Rating 4/5

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