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{mosimage}Here comes the first film adaptation of the saga created by the writer Stephenie Meyer. Be ready for a strong mix of teenage love and vampires… 

I must admit I have not read the Twilight saga books by Meyer yet, but I read a few months ago The Host by the same author, and it did disappoint me. From my point of view, Meyer writes for female audiences, and obviously I am not a woman. Here in Twilight you can find a bit of the same, a love history that will make half teenagers of the planet fall in love with the adorable character of Edward Cullen. Certainly Robert Pattinson makes a good performance, although I get a bit annoyed by Kristen Steward as Bella.

All in all, although I do not share the attraction that many girls (and boys) have for Edward´s character, I find that the movie has quite many good strong points. The script is clever, although with same flaws, and the rhythm increases after a slow beginning to a final good climax of tension. The sense of humour is maybe the best part of the movie, there are some funny quotes and it is good how the vampires can joke about their own condition. 

Although in some ways Twilight is just another teenage love movie portrayed in the typical American high school, it has also a few details that make it pretty refreshing.  I must praise how they were able to combine the elements to make a vampire movie that could be attractive for both male and female audiences, although maybe for the non-so teenage men, the final product can be a bit corny sometimes. In any case, not a bad effort, and let´s see what is going on when the next adaptation of the saga hits the screens around the world. 

Rating 4/5 

The best: The sense of humour in the dialogues.

The worst: It sucks when you are a horny teenager but you cannot have sex, doesn´t it?

The detail: Author Stephenie Meyer makes a cameo at the restaurant in Forks ordering a sandwich.

The detail: Author Stephenie Meyer makes a cameo at the restaurant in Forks ordering a sandwich.

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