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Gringos Locos – Second Coming of Age

The veteran Finnish rockers are back on the road with a superb new album!

Gringos Locos

It seems that there is something that boost up the quality of Finnish bands when they take Spanish names. We saw it with the amazing Los Bastardos Finlandeses, and here once more with Gringos Locos. These crazy Finnish are veteran musicians who have been around for more than 2 decades, also in bands like the legendary Leningrad Cowboys. After a period of separation, they gathered again in 2007, and what you have here is the result of their new incoming: a collection of superb rock songs with attitude! Titles like I ´m a mover, the slow Plane to Eden and Dreamer or Don´t Cry For me give a good sample of what you will find here: rock of many good degrees, but also great mid-tempo ballads.

Finnish music scene must be glad to see Gringos back again. The long awaiting was worthy if they continue releasing albums of such a great quality like this one! Long life to Gringos! 

Rating 4/5

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