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Young, Single & Angry

Finding the perfect partner is never easy, if not, ask to this group of friends and their adventures to find the couple of their dreams.

Young Single & Angry

I just read some reviews online before writing this, to be sure I was not the only one who was feeling the way I was feeling, but no, luckily they all agree with me: this must be one of the worst movies of the year. The three female friends and main characters of the movie are just pathetic, basically they are an alcoholic, a nymphomaniac and a kind of retarded girl trying to find great men, but obviously failing, because they should start by trying to improve themselves. The fourth member of the group of friends is a wise male friend, but in real life, there is no way that a man with a minimum sense of dignity would stick with the other 3.

I was thinking that maybe it was my perception for being a man and not being able to catch the subtle humor of the movie, that maybe could be more aimed at a female audience, but my girlfriend felt as bored as me watching it together. Really, do not waste your time with this one!

Rating 1/5

The best: Not much.

The worst: the main characters (meaning 90% of the movie).

The detail: I think the DVD cover is the best thing that the movie has.

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