Hellboy II: The Golden Army

{mosimage}Our red super hero is back with a sequel that promises even more action and entertainment than the first part!

Guillermo del Toro strikes back with the follow up to the successful adaptation of the famous comic Hellboy.; repeating in the main roles, Ron Perlman, a giant who can also acts, and Selma Blair, always mysteriously sexy.

Well, there is no doubt that Del Toro was the most reasonable choice to substitute Peter Jackson in the production of the incoming The Hobbit. If not, take a look at the atmosphere he is able to create in scenes such as the throne room of the Elves or the one in the Troll Market, that exhales a spirit mix of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, but also with a personal “Del Toro´s touch” in the design of the characters. The film is squared, with a good plot, without abuse of digital effects, and with excellent acting skills, and good doses of dark humour to counterbalance the action sequences. Even with a little load of psychological reflection. Nevertheless, the role of the superhero is always a tormented one, lonely path not understood by the humans he protects, the film is fresh, and the inclusion of the character of Krauss is another good point scored here.

Hellboy II offers all what the fans expected. In these years where we seem to be overwhelmed by comics’ adaptations, this saga still remains as one of the strongest ones on screen.

Rating 4/5


{mosimage}The best: The relation between Princess Nuala and Abe.

The worst:  We will have to wait long time for a third part, with Del Toro immersed in The Hobbit project.

The detail: Famous Spanish actor Santiago Segura, a friend of Del Toro, makes a cameo as guest in the auction at the beginning of the movie.