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Tallinn Music Week introduces best restaurants in town, popular street food, craft coffee, flashy cocktail bars and cooking workshops.

The TMW pop-up bar that has become one of the most popular hotspots among the festival’s visitors in the last four years will again open its doors at the centrally located Design and Architecture Gallery. Renard Coffee Shop will offer a quality coffee from Scandinavia’s top micro-roasteries and culinary duo Raba Peet will take care of the taste experiences.

Keit Lillemäe, one of the founders of Renard Coffee Shop, a small coffee bar with a big spirit that operated near Telliskivi Creative City until January of this year, promises to create a lovely meeting place for the festival’s visitors: “TMW has always been a very inspirational festival for me. This time, the expectations are especially big and challenging. Together with my sister Kadi Maidre as the culinary duo Raba Peet we promise that nobody shall leave the cafe with an empty stomach.”

In addition to the pop-up bar, there are 25 eating and drinking spots in the TMW restaurants selection which offer special TMW menus carefully crafted by their head chefs as well as special offers to the owners of the festival passes.

Among others, the restaurants presented include the pre-eminent plant-based restaurant Von Krahli AED, healthy vegan buffet BlissTray, cozy cake shop & cafe Ristikheina Kohvik, brasserie restaurant and Golden Era-style cocktail bar Tabac, creative “fusion-confusion” restaurant Kolm Sibulat, coffee pantry KOKOMO and a unique beer shop TapTap at Rotermann Quarter, restaurant Korsten, Armastus ja Hea Toit based at the Tallinn Creative Hub, and restaurant Sfäär with rooms inspired by the aesthetic universe of Estonian artist Tõnis Vint.

As part of the TMW and in cooperation with the Estonian Refugee Council, there will be cooking workshops followed by dinners “Let’s get to know each other!” held in the demo kitchen at Balti Station Market. Knowledgeable nutritionists can participate in sustainable brunches by Korilase Köök and fans of the Latin American kitchen can join home dinners “Taco night with Mexicans”.

All TMW 2018 passes include special offers at the TMW Tastes restaurants. Clients of festival’s presenter Telia get a 20% discount on all pre-sale tickets and passes.

The project “Let’s get to know each other!” is financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.

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