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My name is Bruce

Bruce Campbell is back in an exhilarating movie that parodies all the clichés of Series B movies!

What you have here is Bruce Campbell making fun of him. The actor is well known, overall in USA, for his participation in a lot of classic B Series movies as well as collaborating with Sam Raimi or the Cohen brothers.What you have here is a film with low budget, so do not expect any great special effects.

My name is Bruce

The strong point is to see the performance of Campbell, and how he makes fun of the cinema industry. The plot does not make sense, but that is exactly the goal of the movie, more focused on Campbell´s dialogues. There are quite a few good moments, although I honestly thought that it would be funnier than it turned to be. It is also nice to see how in the end they change the final result.

If you like low budget movies and you are a fan of Campbell, probably you are going to enjoy this one, but if you were expecting something “bigger”, this maybe can disappoint you a bit

Rating 3/5

The best: Campbell going through all the empty liquor bottles at his caravan and his dog not recognizing him anymore.

The worst: The final fight with the Chinese demon could have been a bit better.

The detail:  Ted Raimi, brother of Sam Raimi, plays different roles along the movie, like Bruce´s agent, the Sign Painter of the old Chinese man.

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Body of Lies

With Ridley Scott in the direction and Di Caprio and Russell Crowe as main stars, this is one of the strongest American DVD releases of the year.

Body of Lies

Well, it seems that there is no director able to resist the charm of Di Caprio. Here again, the golden boy (well, ok, not a boy anymore) of the American cinema displays another great acting performance, very well backed up by an unusually fat and unattractive-looking Crowe. But undoubtedly, for me the nicest touch of the movie is Mark Strong as Hani Salaam, the chief of the secret services at Jordania.

Although acting is good, the plot is weak. After watching it, I just found it predictable, one more movie in the American chain of movies dealing with Muslim terrorism that counts with The Kingdom or A Mighty Heart as latest examples of how to teach the Western spectator the difference between good and bad Arab citizens. Although the smart spectator can easily find layers of criticism to the American external policy here, it is still a deplorable collection of clichés, being not everything as black and white as Scott wants to portray here. The warfare tension of some other of his movies like Black Hawk Down is missing here, and checking how the American military technology works is something shown in every one of three releases during the last moths, so there is nothing surprising or shocking for the spectator.

All in all, Body of Lies is not a bad movie, but maybe I start to feel a bit oversaturated with these kinds of products. I usually love Ridley Scott, but this is one got me disappointed.

Rating 2/5

The best: Mark Strong as Hani Salaam

The worst: The portray of Muslims as the westerner´s enemies.

The detail: Many of the actors portrayed as Iraquis actually speak Arab with Moroccan accent all over the movie.

Body of Lies Trailer

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99 Frangia

{mosimage}Here you have a visually shocking French movie that will reveal all the dirty secrets of marketing and PR Business.


Yes! Finally I find a French movie I like! (ok, Amelie is another exception to the rule). 99 Francs is funny, irreverent, it always has a high rhythm, it is visually shocking and innovative, and the acting skills of the main characters are just superb. Jean Dujardin looks credible the same when he is snorting kilograms of cocaine or when he is in an isolated island looking like a lost rugby player.  

The plot is good, and shows the cynic aspect of the industry at the same time that you can have some good laughs. The sticky moments involving violence, sex or use of hard drugs are mastered in a way that do not result too much uncomfortable for the spectator, and on top of that the couple of female characters involved with Dujardin are sexy and with a great presence on screen. But undoubtedly, the best parts are during the monotonous business meetings, when you can see hypocrisy working at his top!


An intelligent movie that really got me surprised. If I can say something bad, this goes again for the distributors of the DVD, that once more forget to add English subtitles. So if your knowledge of French, Swedish or Finnish is not high, be ready to get a bit lost in translation.


Rating 4/5.


{mosimage}The best: the final yoghourt ad leaked on TV.


The worst: At the end of the movie you will feel like loving or hating yoghourt.


The detail: Porn actress Anita Blond appears shortly in the porn videos that Octave watches at home.

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Son of Rambow

{mosimage}A delicious English comedy about the friendship of two young children who get absolutely fascinated by Stallone in First Blood!

Although the movie has a slow start, I certainly enjoyed it more and more. Bill Milner as Will develops his character steadily all over the movie, although it is the young Will Poulter as Lee Carter, the school terror, the one who steals the show with a great performance. 

Added to the good chemistry of the two young new friends, the movie gains in intensity and sense of humour once the bus with the French exchange students arrive to the English school. Jules Sitruk as Didier is a nice fresh of air in the script, and he adds a colourful palette of connotations to the movie, from the fashion and new trends of the 80s to the melancholy of the outcast who is beloved more abroad than at his own home.Added to this, the religious resistance of Will against his community or the final scene at the cinema are some other great highlights of an entertaining movie. If you want to come back to the magic of childhood, this movie is a must see!

Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: The final scene at the movie featuring the final short movie finished.

The worst: Why English subtitles continue being “forgotten” in most of the DVD releases in Finland?

The detail: Director Garth Jennings makes also his debut as writer of the script.

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Pineapple Express

{mosimage}James Franco and Seth Rogen are brothers in arms with a common goal: to smoke the best marijuana in town!

Well, let´s try to forget the polemic surrounding the movie about if marijuana should be legalized or not, trying to focus on what this product offers. Obviously, not an easy task, if you are totally against the use of marijuana, you probably are not going to find funny this. Luckily that is not my case… so after having laughed quite a lot in some of last Rogen´s movies, I was interested about this new one, with a James Franco in quite an atypical role for him as a drug dealer.

The point is that I was a bit disappointed in the end. Do not misunderstand me, the action is good, there are some good jokes… but I was expecting “something” more.  After watching the movie, I have the impression that it was more about milking the fame that Rogen and Franco have nowadays in Hollywood instead of creating a really cool new comedy.

The soundtrack is one of the strongest points of the movie, but the script is certainly a bit weaker than other Rogen´s ones.; all in all, not a bad comedy if you like the “stoner” genre, but it could have been better with a little more of sharpness in the direction.

Rating 3/5

{mosimage}The best:  watching James Franco stoned.

The worst: That Seth Rogen´s comedy style is starting to become a bit repetitive.

The detail: The script was written by Rogen in 2001. 

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A complete history of my sexual failures

{mosimage}Chris Waitts is an independent English filmmaker who puts himself in a vulnerable position interviewing all his ex-girlfriends.

Documentaries are a genre that always brings new surprises every year. For example, recently we could see the splendid Irreligious about religion and now this movie from Waitts that touches the always sticky topic of couple relations.

Our Kurt Cobain look alike friend is not afraid to appear on camera like a loser, trying to analyze the misfortune of his relations with the opposite sex while recording a documentary at the same time. His family also appears in the movie, and although the girlfriends are mostly reluctant at the beginning to appear on screen, in the end he gets a good collection of testimonies.

The idea is good and fresh, but he happens to be such a loser than instead of provoking laugh in the spectator, ends up provoking pity. As well, some situations seem to be “pushed” too far, acted up having the camera in front of, and do not result in being too natural.

Certainly Waitts achieves an interesting movie with almost no budget, and surely this will indulge in a bulk of new female contacts at his MySpace page that could bring some light to his notoriously bad history with women, but it could have turned a bit better with a different perspective.

Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: The most gorgeous ex-girlfriend happens to be a nymphomaniac…

The worst: … and he did not have sex with her.

The detail: The book by his ex-girlfriend Vicky Allan mentioned in the documentary is titled Stray. 

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Step Brothers

{mosimage}Ferrell and Reilly are back together in another hilarious movie featuring two jaded step Brothers who behave… like still being 7.


One of my favorite comedies in the last years is Talladega Nights, so no wonder I was expecting what Reilly and Ferrell could bring to the show this time. Well, actually I must admit I got a bit disappointed the first time I watched this movie, but I appreciated it more the second time I played it. Obviously, if you are into more deep and philosophical cinema, you are not going to like the easy humor displayed here. Jokes that have to do with shit, sex, bad behavior and a lot of lack of maturity. But if you are a fan of Ferrell’s movies, you will enjoy this one too. The best moments are usually when Brennan`s brother and his wife are around, apart from the exhilarating scene of the nuts sack all over the drum kit.  

Not the best comedy these guys have done, but it is worthy a few good laughs!


Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: I love the T shirts that the main characters wear all over the movie.


The worst: That a gang of children in a park can make you literally eat shit


The detail: In the final song Por ti Volare, both Ferrell and Reilly are actually performing.


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{mosimage}The most international Brazilian director, Fernando Meirelles, adapts the book of Nobel Prize Jose Saramago in a polemic and mind-awaken movie.

I had a big curiosity for this movie before watching it. I loved Meirelles previous City of God, and I also had the chance to meet in person Jose Saramago when he visited Helsinki a couple of years ago, so like it or not, I had quite big expectations towards this movie.

In a sense, the idea is pretty good, and the start is promising. But really, some holes in the plot really spoil the result. I have not read the original book, but I have heard opinions that many of the plot holes of the movie are better explained in the book, and I hope that it is true, because they really make you lose concentration on the action. I know this is a parabolic story about the human beings condition and the greed that can show the best and the worst of us, but still, it does not make any sense why the character of Julianne Moore, being the only one who can see in the wards, does not use this to avoid the killing and raping of other people there. The scenes of the women being raped is certainly disturbing, and surely can hurt more than one spectator´s sensibility.

The acting of the characters is good, the cast is certainly astonishing, reuniting people like the previously mentioned Moore, Danny Glover, Gael Bernal… but in some ways, the experiment of transferring the book into a movie does not work. It turns to be boring, non-logical, and slow. People gets annoyed by the flaws in the script instead of focusing on the human inter-actions there.  In my humble opinion, a bit of a disappointment.  

Rating 2/5.


{mosimage}The best: Gael Bernal makes a splendid role as the King of Ward Three

The worst: so you are the only one who can see, and still you let blind men abuse you and the people around you, raping and leading to starvation? Come on…

The detail: The National Federation of the Blind seemed not to be very happy about the portrayed image of the blind people in the film.  

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Death Race

{mosimage}Jason Statham is an ex driver who gets a set up to go to jail and compete in the most deadly race ever created by humankind. 

Well, ok, it is pretty clear that the plot of this movie does not turn it into the perfect venue for Oscar interpretations, but I must confess I really enjoyed it very much as a good product of entertainment. The formula of fast cars, actions, adrenaline, pretty girls and friendship inside the walls of a prison works pretty well here. Jason Statham is once more very good in his role of tough action hero, and his effort to be physically fit really pays off in the scenes. Joan Allen as the mean prison director Hennessey is notable, as well as the rest of secondary roles, highlighting the Latin beauty Natalie Martinez as navigator in the car of Statham/Ames.

Great action sequences during the race as well as in some fight scenes and aggressively designed cars that would be the dream of more than one fanatic of “tunning” really places this movie into one of the best action ones I have watched lately. A kind of “Shawsank Redemption with fast cars and more violence” that will not let you down if you want to have a couple of entertaining hours.

Rating 4/5 


{mosimage}The best: Statham looking like a MA fighter.

The worst: Machine Gun Joe getting redeemed at the end. Everybody wanted him dead…

The detail: Statham was training with an ex-Navy seal for months to achieve the spectacular physical condition he shows in the film. 

Cinema DVD

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

{mosimage}Our red super hero is back with a sequel that promises even more action and entertainment than the first part!

Guillermo del Toro strikes back with the follow up to the successful adaptation of the famous comic Hellboy.; repeating in the main roles, Ron Perlman, a giant who can also acts, and Selma Blair, always mysteriously sexy.

Well, there is no doubt that Del Toro was the most reasonable choice to substitute Peter Jackson in the production of the incoming The Hobbit. If not, take a look at the atmosphere he is able to create in scenes such as the throne room of the Elves or the one in the Troll Market, that exhales a spirit mix of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, but also with a personal “Del Toro´s touch” in the design of the characters. The film is squared, with a good plot, without abuse of digital effects, and with excellent acting skills, and good doses of dark humour to counterbalance the action sequences. Even with a little load of psychological reflection. Nevertheless, the role of the superhero is always a tormented one, lonely path not understood by the humans he protects, the film is fresh, and the inclusion of the character of Krauss is another good point scored here.

Hellboy II offers all what the fans expected. In these years where we seem to be overwhelmed by comics’ adaptations, this saga still remains as one of the strongest ones on screen.

Rating 4/5


{mosimage}The best: The relation between Princess Nuala and Abe.

The worst:  We will have to wait long time for a third part, with Del Toro immersed in The Hobbit project.

The detail: Famous Spanish actor Santiago Segura, a friend of Del Toro, makes a cameo as guest in the auction at the beginning of the movie.   

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The Protector

{mosimage}Follow the steps of Kahm, a young Thai fighter who travels to Australia to recover his beloved elephant. Action is in the air!

Tony Jaa, who started to become really popular in Europe after his previous film Ong Bak, strikes back in a movie full of action and good fights. Certainly, he can be considered the Asian successor of Jet Li or Jackie Chan in the martial arts genre. The plot of the movie is nothing special. As you can imagine, there are many flaws, and the script is just basically an excuse to show the abilities of Mr. Jaa. But the fight scenes, that are basically the “core” of the movie, are astonishing, beautiful, fast and absorbing. There are a couple of excellent moments, like the sequence when Tony is climbing upstairs, with no cuts of camera for more than 4 minutes, just punching and kicking all what moves around, and another is in the room on fire, when he beats one after another the different martial masters of many disciplines.If you like Asian martial arts movies, you are going to love this one.

If you are looking for a better and deeper script combining with action, maybe some other kind of recent releases, like for example Taken, can fulfil you better; a question of taste. But from my point of view, this Thai one is a good spicy one to taste.  


Rating 3/5 

{mosimage}The best: The fight between Jaa and the capoeira master

The worst: It does not have English subtitles.

The detail: no stunt doubles were used during filming.


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Pentujengit Alaskassa

{mosimage}The little buddies from the Disney series are back. This time, surrounded by snow immersed in a dangerous sledge competition in the middle of Alaska…

Well, obviously from the beginning, it is worthy to mention that this is a movie to watch in family; ideal if you have small children, or if you just want to show your most adorable and animal-caring side to your couple. The plot of the movie does not really matter, because obviously it does not make much sense that the dogs can be so smart to travel by themselves or even help in building a sledge. And obviously it would be impossible that just little puppies would win a sledge race against veteran huskies… So let´s forget about the continuous leaks on the plot and let´s focus on the positive sides… that are basically how cute the puppies are. Basically the movie has little more to offer than just showing some of the cutest dogs you can see in a big screen in the world. The 5 brothers are just adorable in every move, not mentioning the little Husky puppy, baptised by my girlfriend as the cutest puppy she has ever seen.

If you are looking for strong emotions, obviously this movie is not exactly exhaling adrenaline. But if you have small children who love dogs and animals, this is a very nice product to watch altogether. You get what it was expected, no more, no less. For me it was enough, although if it was just for missing my little dog there far in Spain, at my parent´s house…

Rating: 3/5


{mosimage}The best: Well, you just feel like adopting all the puppies when you see them moving so cutely.

The worst: It does not really give you much surprises, neither has a great developed sense of comedy.

The detail: Talon´s voice is done by no less than Kriss Kristofferson himself.       

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Sex drive

{mosimage}Abandoning virgin territory is not an easy task when you are a teenager full of lust, but you do not want to behave like a jerk. Nothing like a good road trip to solve the problem…

Teenage comedies that deal with the sexual desire of unsuccessful youngsters are nothing new.  In the cover of the DVD, this new movie was advertised like being better than American Pie, so I was quite curious to check it out.

Unfortunately, the predictions were not true. Sex Drive is quite topical from the beginning to the end, so do not expect big surprises here. Even the sense of humour lacks of a bit more of transgression. Maybe 10 years ago, the movie would have been cool, but come on! we have seen dozens of the same kind of films during the last years.

If I have to choose something, I would stick to the good performances of the secondary characters.  Amanda Crew looks delicious as the eternal female friend Felicia, Seth Green is surprising in his role of the Amish Ezequiel, Clark Duke is maybe the best of the movie with his talent to seduce all kind of women (I see that the script writers have taken a look at PUA techniques) and James Mardsen is convincing as the angry older brother.  But Josh Zuckermann in the main role as Ian is just average, and you do not really feel much identified with his lack of talent or luck with the female sex.

With a couple of good moments, like the final funny ending with the “cat fight”,  the movie is just the average one you can see with some friends one evening while eating popcorns and forget 10 minutes later. Not a bad choice, but it does not really add anything much to the genre.  I was not expecting a masterpiece of comedy, but all in all, a little disappointment.

Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best:  The references to PUA techniques to pick up women by Lance´s character.

The worst:  we want more “titties” and transgression in this kind of teenage comedies!

The detail:  It is said that one of every five relations in USA is started online. So maybe you have a Ms Tasty waiting for you there in some chat…    

Cinema DVD

The history of Richard O

{mosimage}A new French movie with high voltage of erotic scenes and drama. 

I must confess that I have never been a great fan of French cinema. Although being Spaniard, I never felt identified with the slow rhythms and the psychological drama of most of the contemporary French movies. There are of course a few exceptions like Amelie or L´Auberge Espagnol, but in general, French cinema bores me. And it happens more or less the same with this Historie of Richard O. The plot is twisted, the dialogues are blurry… the sex scenes although sometimes beautiful, do not transmit energy enough, Paris, although being on summer, looks like a boring city… Certainly Mathieu Amalric has charisma (for many of you he can ring a bell as the bad guy in the last Bond movie, Quantum of Solace), and his character is pretty lovable along the movie, being maybe the best his strange relation with Le Grand, but that is not enough to raise the movie to a decent level. 

As an anecdote, there is also Finnish language spoken in the movie by Tiara Comte, the girlfriend of Le Grand. If you are into French cinema and oppressive atmospheres full of characters tormented by existential questions, then maybe this film is for you. I will meanwhile continue praying for the French cinema to entertain me… 

Rating 2/5. 

{mosimage}The best: The charm of Amalric and the sauna scene, “Hyvin sanottu” 

The worst: I find it basically boring, not spiced up even with the erotic scenes. 

The detail: Mathieu Amalric is the villain in the last Bond saga movie, Quantum of Solace.   

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Eden Lake

{mosimage}A young British couple is going to see how a romantic week end camping at a lake turns into the worst nightmare. 

I was surprised about Eden Lake… in good and bad ways. During the first half an hour of the movie, I thought that it would be the typical horror cliché movie with the monster or the psychopathic killer who lives near the lake hunting the young couple and the children around, killing them one after another. But this plot turned to be quite refreshing, making the enemy visible and tangible in the shape of a gang of chavs with not many scruples and killer instincts. Kelly Reilly makes a great role as Jenny, but overall, my hat off for Jack O´Connell as Brett, you will really hate the kid along the movie! And scratching a bit on the surface, the movie indeed brings a strong message to re-think about what kind of education the young kids are receiving nowadays from the parents. 

The action is thrilling, exciting and the rhythm of the movie makes you be in tension all the time. But it has also bad points; the plot is not much plausible often, and many actions from the character have no real sense. As well, for sensitive people, there are quite many violent and shocking scenes, so this is not a movie you want to show to your young kids for a nice Sunday evening in family. 

With a bit more polished script, it could have turned to be a classic of the horror genre. Still, it is pretty enjoyable and refreshing, so if you like excitement, a bit of horror and blood, and a girl who ends up literally covered in dirt after an extenuating hunting this film is for you! 


Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: The great acting of the young Jack O´Connell 

The worst: Sometimes the script just floods. Is it normal to invade private property or to stand frozen while your boyfriend gets tortured? 

The detail: Kelly Reilly will appear soon in the awaited version of Sherlock Holmes