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Nordic Thrashers Dienamic Announce Japanese Tour

Norwegian thrashers Dienamic are heading to Japan for the second run of dates! The band are heading over to support their new record “Afterlife” which will be released in Japan on September 3rd.


The band are to play the following dates:

Sept 3rd – Flying Son, Sendai
Sept 4th – Tight Rope, Nagoya
Sept 5th – Wild Side, Tokyo
Sept 6th – Wild Side, Tokyo

Straight from the heart and right in your face! Dienamic has a super energetic and intense live show, with unique audience contact and a great atmosphere. The band first saw the light of day in 2010, and ever since the first live show following the release of their self titled EP they have been bringing it on the stage.

With over 60 live shows to date, they have become a bone crushing five piece metal act that will definitely leave a mark on the world. The band has already toured Japan, most of central and eastern Europe along with their home country Norway. This band is addicted to touring and get out there every chance they have!

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Blind Guardian in Helsinki 2015. Interview with guitarist Marcus Siepen

In a chilly spring Finnish evening the first fans queue at the doors of Nosturi while around the corner, at the terrace of Nosturi ‘s restaurant, some members of the epic German metal band Blind Guardian chill out before the show and attend their media compromises.

It is there where, sitting relaxed at a table, FREE! Magazine meets their guitarist Marcus Siepen for an exclusive interview:

Thanks for your time Marcus! As I guess you know Finland well as you have visited here in the past, what are your feelings when coming back here?

-Oh it has been great. We have played here a couple of times, we played at Tuska Festival and has always been great, the people are great and we have friends here in Finland. Me and my wife spent the whole day yesterday walking around the downtown with friends and we are looking forward to the gig!

Do you know good bars around the city?

Actually I have been to a metal bar, Prkl, and we have also been to Steam bar, that looks amazing. So yeah, we have been walking around.

What do you think of the Finnish audience, some people think they are a bit different when compared to other countries where they scream a lot.

They are a good audience, they are calmer here, yes. It changes it anyway from country to country. Spanish fans are different from German fans and German fans are different from Swedish fans and Swedish you cannot not compare them to Brazilians. And that is fine, as far as you know how to handle them. I don’t need to have people screaming all the show in order to see the fans are enjoying.

Blind Guardian

The band is cancelling 2 dates in Russia after this gig in Finland. What are the reasons if I may ask?

There were problems with organization and stuff and sadly we had to cancel, which is a pity.

So you will play in Russia, Belorussia and then Australia and Japan and after that you will have a summer break. Will there be time to relax or busy preparing your incoming live album?

We are already booked for the studio so we have to go through recordings and stuff and we also want to do a couple of rehearsals and there are still some songs that are on the list to be played that we have not played so far and we want to be ready for the next block of the tour. We leave for South America in September and we will be on the road almost until Christmas. And next year will continue, all the festivals, more individual shows, we will be on the road until Autumn next year.

I have heard that you were planning for long to do this orchestra album. Will there be time with this hectic schedule to work on that one?

There will be. The original idea was maybe to finish it on the summer break, which now will be occupied by the live album stuff, but we definitely would like to finish it next year. So that is a fixed plan.

Coming back to the current tour, even when talking to some of my Spanish friends who saw you in Madrid, we commented if you guys ever get tired when audience request “Majesty” all the time…

Yes we do! You know, Majesty is not a bad song, not at all. The thing is that it was written in 1986, so it is almost 30 years old and you know, at some point I really do not get the obsession with that song, when there are so many songs to choose from! But you know, we play it. It is just that we cannot always give in to the crowd to dictate the set. The funny thing is, in one of the shows we played recently, we actually put Majesty on the setlist, and we did not put Valhalla on the setlist. What happens? Right from the beginning nobody screams for Majesty, everybody starts to scream for Valhalla! Hehehe. And we are like fuck! What is this?! What is wrong?! Hehehe. So we ended up playing Valhalla as well…

I remember to have seen you myself live on the Forgotten Tales Tour when I was 16, more than half a life ago. How do you notice the change with the past of time with the audience. Is it still people who grew with the band or do you see new generations coming too?

It is a mix, and that is the great thing. Normally when we go on tour, we always see people who seem to be growing with the band, who were there on previous tours and they keep coming, but we also see younger kids, and that is great for us, as it means we are keeping old fans but we are gaining new ones as those kids are too young to have been in all those previous tours. It is great to see new generations digging our music.

And for you, how do you keep motivated after so many years playing?

We love what we are doing. I do not need to motivate myself as this is what we love to do. Anybody in the band. We still love the music that we are playing and we still love touring. Obviously sometimes you get tired of touring because it is demanding, all the travelling and stuff. So sometimes we look forward to taking a break at home, but then when we take the break we are looking forward to the next tour block because playing live is just awesome.

What about your new album Beyond the Red Mirror. Has it been particularly demanding as you have collaborated with different orchestras, 3 different choirs, etc.

It has not been different than previous stuff. People have been telling in the past “it will not be possible to play that song live” and it was possible. We have a keyboard player with us and it is perfectly possible to play all that stuff.

Blind Guardian

How do you perceive the reaction of the people to the new album?

The reaction has been pretty awesome. What normally happens in the past is whenever we went on tour with a new album and we play new songs, reaction to the new songs have been a bit calmer compared to the old classics and only on the next tour they were on even level. This time is different, we play 4 new songs and there is a 5th one coming that we are still rehearsing a bit and they seem to be instant classics. The reactions are almost the same as with Valhalla, Majesty, etc. The reviews of the album have been excellent, not only on magazines but also when you talk to people.

I know you are also a fan of fantasy books and they represent a big source of inspiration for the lyrics of the band. Do you follow Game of Thrones?

I love the books, I read all of them in a row and I am waiting for book 6 to be released. But I have a kind of love/hate relationship with the TV show. As if you consider it as only a show, it is very well done, great actors and settings… but they fucked up the story. They changed it so many things… and that is why I fucking hate it. I even did not watch The Hobbit movies for that reason. When Jackson announced he would do the Hobbit, I was curious, but when I read he was planning to do 3 movies of a book of 200 something pages… I did not want to see them. If somebody makes a movie out of the book The Hobbit, then it should be based on The Hobbit. Not 10% on the book and 90% on things that could have happened.

With Game of Thrones I watched the first 4 seasons and most likely I still will watch the 5th one, because as I said it is a love/hate relationship. When I watch it I try to forget the books but in the end I keep bashing and cursing, but then I keep watching it. If you could disconnect the show from the books, it would be awesome, but I keep thinking “That is wrong, they do not go there, they do not do that”.

Is it true that when Jackson was preparing the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies, there were contacts with the band to take care of the soundtrack?

The whole story got blown up a bit out of proportion. Yes, at some point we were asked to send some samples. There were some sites where fans could vote who they wanted to participate and our name kept popping and we were asked to send some stuff. Actually the orchestra project would have been fitting. But if we would have got that job, we had not released any album, our priorities was not releasing soundtracks. It would have been a cool experience but we preferred to focus on our albums.

Anything else you want to add for the readers?

Actually yes, for readers in Helsinki and everywhere worldwide. A message from the band to the fans: If you come to a gig, please leave the fucking phones on your pockets and try to see the gig with your own eyes, you will see the colors with better resolution, it is even 3D and better than 4k. That would be my message to readers! Hehe. It started a couple of years ago and it is getting worse and worse. Taking pictures are fine, but I have seen people standing on the front row not moving recording the whole concert for two and a half hours. If you want to see the DVD, go to the fucking shop and buy it, the quality is better. And as a band, it is not fun to play in front of phones! We want to play in front of an audience that enjoys! There are people who even record the show with an iPad!

So with that request full of sense, and with my 1996 concert ticket signed by Marcus, we let them rest for the show during the night.

And what came later? A venue really fully packed at Nosturi, fans delighted, a great setlist, new songs matching perfectly with the old classics, some surprises as hearing Guardian of the Blind and some other songs that almost brought a tear to the eyes of many old fans like Bright Eyes or The Bard’s Song… and a few requests from the audience to play Majesty that were dismissed :)))

Blind Guardian Setlist at Nosturi in Helsinki. 2nd of June 2015

1. The Ninth Wave 

2. Banish from Sanctuary 

3. Nightfall 

4. Fly 

5. Tanelorn (Into the Void) 

6. Prophecies 

7. The Last Candle 

8. Miracle Machine 
9. Lord of the Rings 
10. Guardian of the Blind 

11. Bright Eyes 

12. And the Story Ends 

13. War of Wrath 

14. Into the Storm 

15. Twilight of the Gods 

16. Valhalla 

Encore 2:
17. Wheel of Time 

18. The Bard’s Song – In the Forest 
19. Mirror Mirror

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Norwegian Black Metallers Aura Noir, Khold & Dodheimsgard Added To Trondheim Metal Fest Line Up

Fans of Norwegian black metal rejoice, as scene legends Aura Noir, low-end heavy mob Khold and avant garde outfit Dodheimsgard have been announced to join the already stunning line up at this year’s Trondheim Metal Festival!

Formed in 1993 by Aggressor (Carl-Michael Eide) and Apollyon (Ole Jørgen Moe), Aura Noir released their debut EP Dreams Like Deserts in 1995. In 2004, they were the first band to be signed to Tyrant Syndicate Productions, a sub-label of Peaceville Records, run by Nocturno Culto and Fenriz. Their fifth studio album, Out to Die, was released through Peaceville in March 2012, with a new record is set for release this year featuring Blasphemer (Mayhem) on guitar.

Khold was formed in Oslo in 2000 by Sarke (drums) and Gard (vocals & guitar) after the split of their former band, Tulus. In late 2000, they signed with Moonfog Records, the former label of Satyricon frontman, Satyr. They toured internationally with a number of big extreme metal bands, including Behemoth. Following a brief hiatus, they returned in 2008 with the crushing Hundre År Gammal. The band released their latest record Til Endes in September 2014 through Peaceville Records.

While, Dødheimsgard (also known as DHG) formed in 1994. Initially a straight-up black metal band, they changed tact with 1999’s 666 International, which saw them change into an experimental and avant-garde/industrial band. The band released their fifth studio album, A Umbra Omega, on March 16, 2015.

Be you a fan of the fast, the dark or the dirge-ridden; TMF have got you covered.

TMF are also happy to announce their new sponsors; US based metal giants Metal Sucks and Scottish crafts company Asgard.

Thondheim Metal Fest

Asgard had this to say of the new partnership:
“It’s a great pleasure to be sponsoring the Trondheim Metal Festival. As a business, we draw a lot of our influences from Norway’s Viking culture. Trondheim has been an important city for a very long time, and it is fantastic to now see it on the European festival map. Their selection of bands always includes a number of our favourites, and we look forward to seeing some awesome gigs there in October.”

Further to this, TMF’s sixth outing will be held at the glamourous Scandic Lerkendal Congress Hotel, both the newest hotel in Trondheim, and also the biggest conference hotel in Norway. Complete with three stages; sporting a total capacity of 2200, a metal market area, Q&A’s, clinics, cinema, meet & greets, quizs, tattoo stands, restaurants, bars, snack shop, gym, sauna, lounge areas and exciting travel excursions around Trondheim. In short, TMF in 2015 is not to be missed.

At 75 meters, the hotel is also Norway’s third tallest building; with a skybar/conference room on the top floor, which has an exclusive panoramic view of the city. This will be used for a series of activities during the daytime, and will be turned into a skybar with metal karaoke once darkness falls.

Festival head honcho Eirik Teller had this to say:

“This festival has always evolved, with adding something new and fresh every year. And when our city of Trondheim got an even bigger conference hotel last summer, it was clear as day, we had to have the festival there! Being that it´s actually on-site with Lerkendal Stadium (home of footballers Rosenborg), it gave us some real advantages, both logistically and also to enhance the experience for the audience. And of course, now we can call it a “stadium festival”!

And with the newly addition of great bands like Aura Noir, Khold and Dødheimsgard, we´re really knocking on the Norwegian metal spirit, but we also have so many great bands, yet to be announced! So, all in all, this will definitly be the biggest year in the festival´s history, yet. And we´d like to invite you all to a truly unique festival experience, where the hotel is the venue and the venue is the hotel! Hellcome to Trondheim!”

The festival’s current line-up includes British black metallers Anaal Nathrakh, Finnish folk metallers Korpiklaani, Irish black metallers Primordial, British thrashers Evile, German thrashers Tankard, Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ, Norwegian metallers Circus Maximus, legendary Swedish rockers Crucified Barbara & German artist Mambo Kurt!

Previous headliners of the festival have included Behemoth, Devin Townsend Project, Gojira, At The Gates, Napalm Death, Electric Wizard and more.

Ticket prices for the event are as follows:

Two-day Festival Pass
1190,- NOK + Ticket fee

One-day Festival Pass

Hotel Only (festival ticket not included)
Single Room Incl. Breakfast (per day)
NOK 695, – + Ticket handler fee

Double Room Incl. Breakfast (per day)
NOK 795, – + Ticket handler fee

Advanced tickets can be purchased here:

Festivalhotel: Scandic Lerkendal | Phone: (+47) 21 61 51 00 | Mail: | Reference: “Trondheim Metal Fest”

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Never A Hero To Give Free Album On UK Tour

British Alt rockers Never A Hero have recently announced in conjunction with their upcoming UK tour that they’ll be giving away copies of their new album “UnEvolution” free to all ticket holders!


The band are set to embark on the following dates this February:


To claim your free record, people need to pre-order tickets from the band’s website –

The album will be available for general release on March 30th through the band’s website.

Never A Hero are an alt rock band based in the UK. The band formed in 2009 when members from 2 bands merged together to write new music diverting from their usual styles.

The band has seen a few line­up changes throughout the years with introduction of lead singer Phrixus, lead guitarist Kaji and the departure of DJ/backing vocalist Mr. White and lead guitarist/vocalist Toby C. In 2010, the band recorded their debut EP Socially Awkward at Outhouse Studios in Reading, which was re­released in May 2012 and is available for digital download from all major sites.

The band also received airplay and were played on TV for their debut single Form Heroes To Angels. In 2011, the band released their 2nd single and music video Trippin’ On Speed which they filmed in Lowestoft.

At the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, the band performed on 2 tours of the UK and in the Spring of 2012, they started work on their debut album. The album was recorded at Monkey Puzzle House studios in Woolpit and was released in November 2012. The first single from the album Bleed Between The Lies, was Burning Skies, which was released on the 2nd July followed by Screams of Silence, released in December.

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Dragged Into Sunlight embarked on a European Tour!

Dragged Into Sunlight have left a permanent scar on the extreme metal community ever since they emerged with their debut, Hatred For Mankind. Countless live shows (including prestigious festival slots at Maryland Deathfest, Incubate, Damnation and their recent Japanese tour) have further cemented their place as one of the most visceral and cathartic live bands in extreme music. Their latest album, the eerie masterpiece Widowmaker, revealed a darkly beautiful side to their songwriting, creating much anticipation for their upcoming new full length, which is rumoured to arrive next year.

This November, Dragged Into Sunlight shall embark on a European tour, preceeded by two shows in the UK. Here are the final tour dates which can now be made public:


8th – The Dome w/ Hooded Menace, London, UK
9th – The Exchange, Bristol, UK
11th – Decadence, Ghent, BE
12th – Le Klub, Paris, FR
13th – Les Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse, FR
14th – Mogambo, San Sebastian, ES
16th – The Blacksheep, Montpellier, FR
17th – Freakout Club, Bologna, IT
18th – Sidro Club, Rimini, IT
19th – Le Romandie, Laussanne, CH
20th – Lo Fi Club, Milan, IT
21st – Blue Hell, Budapest, HU
22nd – Kokpit Club, Prague, CZ
23rd – Exzess, Frankfurt, DE
24th – Ciemna Strona Miasta, Wroclaw, PL
25th – Cassiopeia, Berlin, DE
26th – KB18, Copenhagen, DK
27th – Bambi Gallore, Hamburg, DE
28th – dB’s, Utrecht, NL
29th – Romein, Leeuwarden, NL

For tickets go to

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Qui Announce European Tour

Alt Rock Duo Heading Out For Lengthy EU Run Of Dates

US mentalists Qui have announced a lengthy run of dates in support of their latest record “Life. Water. Living”. The duo are set to hit the following cities:

27.09 Vsetin @ Vesmir – (CZ)
28.09 Kosice @ Tabacka – (SV)
29.09 Budapest @ tbc – (HU)
29.09 Oradea @ Cafe Moszkva
30.09 Szeged @ Live Music Club
01.10 Vienna @ Rhiz (+Arktis/Air)
02.10 Prachatice @ Pub Za Radnici
03.10 Ceske Budejovice @ Ostinato – (CZ)
04.10 Prague @ 007 Klub (+Hammerhead +Vaz) – (CZ)
05.10 Halle @ Hühnermanhattan
06.10 Hamburg @ Hafenklang – (DE)
08.10 Den Haag @ Haags Pop Centrum
09.10 Brussels @ m4 (+Zs) – (BE)
10.10 Paris @ Nouveau Casino (+Off!) – (FR)
11.10 Gerardmer @ Le Grattoir
16.10 Geneva @ L’Usine (+Vaz)
18.10 Valeggio sul Mincio / Verona @ Villa Zamboni
19.10 Loreto / Ancona @ Circolo Reasonanz – (IT)
20.10 Bologna @ Freakout
21.10 Osio sopra / Bergamo @ Joe Koala – (IT)
22.10 Torino @ Blah Blah Club
23.10 Milano @ Bloom (+Sebadoh)
24.10 Cagliari @ Bohemien
25.10 Sardegna @ tbc – (IT)
26.10 Pisa @ Borderline Club – (IT)
27.10 Cremona @ Il Fico – (IT)
28.10 Brescia @ Lio Bar – (IT)
29.10 Zoppe di S.Vendemiano / Conegliano @ Bar Barbone
30.10 Crnomelj @ MKK
31.10 Velenje @ Klub eMCe plac


After a 5-year absence, Qui is once again back to the original duo formed in 2000 by drummer/vocalist Paul Christensen and guitarist/vocalist Matt Cronk. Life, Water, Living… features inventive song structures and warped pop sensibilities reminiscent of early Sparks and Frank Zappa with Queen-style harmonies… or something like if Badfinger were the Melvins. Throughout, it’s an album that subtly commands attention as it shifts from a soft whisper to a chuckle to a scream.

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Sigur Rós in Helsinki. Concert review 2013

After a long tour, Sigur Rós made their last appearance before some well deserved Christmas holidays at Harwall Areena in Helsinki.

I have not had the chance before to see them live, a couple of times circumstances worked against me when I was about to assist to their shows some years ago at Positivus Festival in Latvia and more recently this summer at Ilosaarirock in Joensuu. But finally the chance came in a cold freezing winter night that did not affect the good spirits of the citizens of Helsinki, who even when the asphalt outside the venue was literally a plank of ice in some areas and quite dangerous, slid their way down happily with a mastery that only the Nordic people are able to achieve to maintain gravity towards the entrance of Hartwall Areena, that looked less packed than usual with almost half of the seats not available. Certainly it was too much to expect that the Icelandic band would sell out such a big venue, but the assistance was still pretty acceptable, and it is nice to see that Fullsteam Records are able to bring their bands not only to small bars of mid-size clubs, but also to the big events and concert places around Finland.

Sigur Ros

I said previously that I had never seen Sigur Rós live, and certainly at the beginning of the show, there was a moment where I wonder if I would be able to see them at all, but no other reason than a big blanket covering around the whole stage while colorful lights were projected on it and the band kept on playing inside. I liked the idea… for the first couple of songs… Problem is that the band did not appear until probably the fourth song, which in a way created a nice tension among the audience, but on the other hand I found it a bit too much. In any case, finally the high pitched voice of Jonsi could be heard while he was standing on the stage and the show reached for some moments an almost spiritual level, visually stunning fulfilled with a beautiful eclectic music played with a wide array of instruments that transport you to a happier place.

Although Jonsi seem to prefer singing to communicating with the audience, he did not forget to make a small break to invite to the front to one member of the choir so the rest of the band could sing her happy birthday.

A bit more of 2 hours of something that cannot be defined by less than a beautiful musical experience with nothing to envy to the amazing beauty of their homeland Iceland (watch the documentary Heima if you want to experience a perfect combination of both) . I was just sad after the show that the setlist did not include Starálfur, my all time favorite tune from the band.

Sigur Rós Setlist at Harwall Areena. 30th November 2013

Í Gær
Með Blóðnasir



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Breaking the Surface Tour: Bringing talent together!

Bringing the Surface tour is an interesting project that was surfing by bus for 10 days around the Nordic countries until arriving in Helsinki, the Finnish capital.

On head of this is Danish composer and musician Jonas Andreasen together with Finnish singer Sini Koskelainen and a bunch of talented musicians that belong to their “Near Life Experience” project that headed on this adventure from Aarhus in Denmark through Norway, Sweden and Finland, interacting with other local bands, gathering musical ideas, and offering an exciting show full of music, visual effects and dance, brought by the Finnish dancer Nadja Alve.

Near Life Experience

We met the crew just before their final performance at Gloria Cultural Centre in the heart of Helsinki. After 10 days on the road, they were tired and dreaming of a hot shower, plus it was not the easy end when part of the band got sick with food poisoning. However, they were full of illusion to perform in a city that Andreas recognized loves, having lived and studied in Helsinki. Before the local band Elifentree would warm up the atmosphere with some amazing skills by his drummer, it was time to sit with Andreas and drummer Frej Lesner so they could tell us more about how the tour went:

Thanks for your time! Can you tell us a bit more, Andreas, how the project to go on the road for these 10 days came up and how you met Sini (Koskelainen)?

Jonas: I was studying in Aarhus and Sini came there, we heard each other play, and I had a chance to play with her quarter. We just liked each other’s stuff and energy. I wanted to write music with a bigger group but I had difficulties to find a singer, so when I met Sini, it was a super good connection. That is how it goes started, and then we wrote music together and I arranged everything. We put the band together and we did a project together that was a big success in Aarhus. That is how the band got started. Now she is living in Helsinki and I am living in Berlin and all the musicians are in Aarhus. We received the support of a cultural organization there and we are glad to get any help, because it is difficult to tour with a relatively unknown band.

Did you know the other musicians beforehand?

Jonas: They come from all over Denmark, except of the trombone player who is Swedish. Very talented musicians that I was lucky to be able to handpick. Here is Frej, the drummer, one of the first I asked to join the band. So far we had been playing only in Denmark, so this is a big step for us.

You were in other countries sharing the stage with other bands. How was the experience to meet other musicians?

Frej: It was great, I heard some bands with some great musicians. Also this band in its own, it is great to play with this band, they are all great musicians. There is no hiding when you have to play, you have to take control of the music. And we also get to know new places to play. It is very difficult when you are sitting in Aarhus to know for example where to play in Helsinki. So it is great to expand the network.

Near Life Experience

So how is to be on the road traveling by bus for 10 days? What other activities did you do… did you get much sleep time?

Jonas: We would mostly sleep when the bus was driving, but actually not so much sleep. Everyone has been sick also. But well, this is also part of it, it is something you have to do. But it has been so great musically, we have got so much, a good response from all the audience. When we arrive in a new town, we hang around the city, and then a lot of hours in the venue doing the soundcheck, getting something to eat, doing the show… and then on the road again.

They always say that Finland is different than the other Scandinavian countries. Now that you got the experience to tour around all of them, what is your feeling?

Frej: Well, just the language itself is different. It is kind of a mixture of Russian and Nordic culture, somehow.
Jonas: I have been living in Aarhus and Stockholm and Helsinki. I really love Finland so much, feel close to the Finns and to Helsinki. It has less of the Scandinavian “stiffness” that we have in Denmark and Sweden.

What people can expect from the show tonight? What are the backbone ideas behind the show?

Jonas: I would tell them to open their hearts and ears and eyes. It is a mixture, we try to have a big visual side of what we do musically. That is the idea behind the dancing of Nadja. We have some music that some people say that is hard to listen to, a mix of jazz and modern language with a lot of improvisation. Giving some visual expression really help people to get the music and get into it. A lot of people say that it was great and they had never heard anything like that.

Near Life Experience

So do musicians get a lot of freedom to improvise?

Frej: Well, for me as a drummer, I feel that everything I play is something I have invented myself, but of course always on the frame of what Jonas want.

Jonas: I write a lot, but I write for certain people I know very well. So I know or at least I try to write what people need to play. There are places where people do a lot of free style, but of course I need to bring some overview. To know the direction and why something is happening right now.

What are your future plans after you finish this tour?

Jonas: We have the EP with 3 songs and we are releasing a full album, already recorded, this fall. So many things going on!

For coming back, will you go back by bus or flying?

Both: Flying! Enough bus for a while!

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Summer Sound Festival. Helsinki 2013. Photos

FREE! Magazine was at the 3rd edition of Summer Sound festival in Helsinki, and brings you now a few exclusive photos so you can have an idea of the atmosphere there during 3 days of a storm of great electronic music at the huge Convention Center in Pasila, near the city centre of the Finnish capital.

The feeling inside the festival could be resumed like this: young audience ranging between 18 and 23 years old, minimal lenght in the clothes worn, young people eager to dance, party and show off as much flesh as can be politically correct, long queues to order drinks but otherwise, had to praise that the organization of the event in general was superb, with an outdoors tent and then the main indoor arena, teenagers going crazy to collect empty cans to get 1 extra euro per can in return and overall, a lot of music all day long with some of the best Finnish and international DJs and with DJ Tiesto, probably the most famous DJ in the world for the last decade, putting the cherry on top of the cake closing the festival at Sunday night. This is undoubtedly the closest one can feel in Finland to be partying Ibiza style!

Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound
Summer Sound

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Iron Maiden at Helsinki Olympic Stadium 2013

In what will be remembered by probably all Finnish Maiden fans as a great evening of metal, Iron Maiden visited the capital of Finland again to offer a show full of power. In around 2 hours, they played a not very long but impressive setlist collecting most of their greatest hits for delight of their many followers.


But the evening started several hours before that with the opportunity to see 3 great opening bands, something unusual nowadays unless you go to a summer festival. The Swedish Ghost, with that charismatic singer dressed like a pope from hell and a band that seem to be dressed as big bugs, started to set the mood of the audience at a stadium that was filling step by step until reaching around 28.000 spectators when Maiden stepped on stage. I enjoyed Ghost, but certainly maybe 18:00 in the evening with the sun shining is not the most suitable environment for them playing live. All in all, a pleasant band that mixes it up great music with a good theatrical performance onstage.

After them, Swedish Sabaton and local Amorphis took the stage. Sabaton has a strong reputation in Finland and certainly people seem to enjoy their lyrics and warrior attitude on stage. With Amorphis performance, honestly I cannot comment much because as most of the audience, I was dedicated to take advantage to have the final drinks in the drinking area before Maiden’s show would begging. A little slap to the organization in the question related to portable toilets. People had to wait half an hour to be able to use them. When almost 30.000 are gathered in a stadium, these things should be a bit better planned, because obviously most of them are going to be concentrated on the drinking area…

Bruce Dickinson

A few minutes after 21:00 the British legendary metal band Iron Maiden irrupted on the stage starting with Moonchild, and what followed was a total battery of metal classics, with the audience getting ecstatic for some moments and losing the voice screaming the lyrics of arch-famous hits such as Afraid to Shoot Strangers, The Number of the Beast or Run to the Hills. Vocalist Bruce Dickinson as charismatic and with such a great voice as always dominating the stage from the top and running around, but it is true that the age starts not to have mercy on him, the band looks old, the physical aspect has deteriorated in the last years, and obviously they cannot hide they are already in their mid fifties. In any case, this did not affect at all the professionalism shown on stage. Fans got exactly what they expected, with Bruce changing outfits dressed as a British soldier or as a strange gothic vampirish character… Eddie visiting the stage as a dead pirate… Fireworks, the decoration at the back of stage changing and showing different album art covers for every song… And when the encore starts with such a powerful song as Aces High, you cannot really get it much better than that in any metal concert around the world! Solid performance once again of Maiden, one of the most beloved metal fans in Finland. And they show why, always pleasing the fans.

Iron Maiden

Setlist. Iron Maiden. 20/07/2013 Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Can I Play with Madness
The Prisoner
2 Minutes to Midnight
Afraid to Shoot Strangers
The Trooper
The Number of the Beast
Phantom of the Opera
Run to the Hills
Wasted Years
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
The Clairvoyant
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden
Churchill’s Speech
Aces High
The Evil That Men Do
Running Free

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10 things that rocked (and 10 things that could rock harder) at Rock the Beach festival

Rock the Beach

A new strong festival is added to the great array of summer events to enjoy in Finland: Rock the Beach!

After the good experience with Rihanna playing at Helsinki´s “Hietsu” beach, Scott Lavender, the promoter of the event, admitted to FREE! Magazine that actually this year the idea had evolved based on the choice by Rammstein, the German band loving the location to play open air, and they hope that the festival can continue in following years.

We were there to enjoy it to the max, and these are the things we liked the most and also a few things that could make this even more awesome in future editions!

Rock the Beach

1. It rocked… the resting area with hammocks close to the food area. Great to relax and eat something in the middle of the shows.

1. It could have rocked harder if… there would not be damn seagulls everywhere trying to rob of your food.

Rock the Beach

2. It rocked… to have Queens of the Stone Age in Helsinki!

2. It could have rocked harder if… they would have played more than just 1 hour.

Rock the Beach

3. It rocked… the whole Rammstein show! The Germans showed once more that they are one of the most amazing bands to see live, with a show full of power, pyrotecnica and good music!

3. It could have rocked harder if… there would not be so strong daylight to appreciate to the fullest all the fireworks and pyrotecnica around their show. Also the stage was a bit too high and far from the audience.

Rock the Beach

4. It rocked… the dirty jokes from Canadian Danko Jones. Great music and great connection with the audience!

4. It could have rocked harder if… Jared Leto would not be such an asshole. Honestly, maybe the teenagers wet their pants with the singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, but as an artist… the concert was weak, after a few songs we felt like going for a few beers instead of wasting our time there.

Rock the Beach

5. It rocked… that the beer was not especially expensive, 6.5e per can, and that you did not have to worry to get 1e back for giving the can back.

5. It could have rocked harder if… the drinking areas would have a direct view to the main stages… or they would allow to pass your own drinks, as it happens in Pori Jazz… but well, we know that this is asking too much in Finland…

Rock the Beach

6. It rocked… the location! Hietsu beach is just a few hundred metres away from the heart of Helsinki and the sunsets there on summer while listening to your favorite bands are something to be seen!

6. It could have rocked harder if… the concerts would not ended so early, at 23:15, and people would have stayed later. For most of people, the event was a way of kicking out the night and then continuing in some bar. Being also organized on wednesday, friday and saturday due to Greenday being able to perform only on wednesday, it did not have the most friendly schedule for working people…

Rock the Beach

7. It rocked… Rival Sons, a band I had never heard before and surprised me in a gladly way.

7. It could have rocked harder if… the organization could bring some big headliner who does not play usually in Finland. For example, Aerosmith…

Rock the Beach

8. It rocked… Greenday inviting to a teenage girl to the stage and giving her an electric guitar as a gift!

8. It could have rocked harder if… I would have been the lucky one! Unfortunately, I never learnt how to play guitar yet :)

Rock the Beach

9. It rocked… the great number of people with beautiful tattoos over their skins inside the festival!

9. It could have rocked harder if… they would have a tattoo parlour inside the festival for those who want to remember this event forever with a new tattoo.

Rock the Beach

10. It rocked… to cover the festival as a journalist! Why to deny it, to be accredited for probably the festiva of the year in Finland rocks big time!

10. It could have rocked harder if… Rammstein would have given interviews. Unfortunately they came here just for playing more than for talking. But as far as they keep on giving those amazing live shows, they can keep that way.

Rock the Beach

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Interview with Johannes, singer of Swedish metal band Avatar

Text and Photos: Antonio Diaz

What does a Spaniard do at the backstage of Nosturi in Helsinki surrounded by Swedish metal heads while Finland plays against Sweden in the ice hockey world championship? Talking relaxed to Johannes, singer of the Swedish band Avatar. There will be time later to see how Finland loses (damn, not again!!!) against its nemesis Sweden, but meanwhile we are sitting on the sofa with a friendly easy going Johannes offering a cold beer to fight the humid warm that wraps the Finnish capital and chatting with FREE! Magazine about their trips, music, lyrics and expectations for the concert that will take place a few hours later in the same venue. Johannes is pretty familiar with Helsinki, since actually he dates an Italian lady who lives there and visits often.

Yes, I have been in Helsinki now countless times. I visit at least once a month, so I am starting to find my way around. I know the bars, well the bars because I always end up in the same one, in Base Bar. It has the feeling of a beer hall that I really love.

So are you familiar of the traditional “ferry culture”, those famous boat trips between Finland and Sweden where all kind of crazy things happen?

Oh, I fly usually, but yeah I know them. We have been on tour on those ferries. Beautiful experience! Hehehe. It is something special, like for example sharing a stage singing karaoke with Finnish truckers!


Before coming here, you were touring in USA. How was the American experience?

It was really really cool! The thing is that although we are close to start recording the next album, we are still touring with Black Waltz album and it was the first one that got released in USA, so we did not really expect much but we did really well over there, having the opportunity to do our first real tour there. We were blown away and we had the opportunity to blow people away too.

In Europe, especially in North Europe where the drinks at the bars and venues are so expensive, people go directly to see the headliners, but maybe in USA people are more open to arrive earlier and see the opening bands too, right? It must feel much better to play for packed venues…

Exactly! We play for full venues and that was really special. After that, I try to make a point to arrive earlier to the shows I want to see as spectator! Hehehe. Even the coverage with the radio stations is so different what they have there going on radio wise. I guess here the biggest coverage for metal music is printed media and webzines and there is radio and then webzines. We get played… not at all at the radio stations in Europe. But in USA, being a big country with a common language, they can reach all the few metal heads here and here and there and there, so in the end adds a lot of people. I think that is the reason… and maybe that they do not like reading so much… hehehe.

“Sharing my energy onstage with the audience is something bigger than punching someone!”

Actually I met some months ago for another interview in this same venue with the guitarist another band you toured in USA, Cristiano of Lacuna Coil, and he commented me how the economical crisis around the world makes more and more difficult for them to promote their music and keep afloat. Have you got a similar feeling of the crisis affecting your band?

The thing is that we have been around for 10 years, releasing albums for 7, but still when this crisis started in 2008, 2 years after our first album came out, and at that time Napster was “old”, you know. So we are a bit part of a different generation when we do not know any other way than the current situation here now. I guess is different for older people when they were playing already in the 90s and then they saw this transition, like “what happened to the world?”, but for us this world we are operating right now is pretty much the same one that has always been.

Have the social networks been a good tool to reach your audiences?

Definitely! And we have been learning about that. Actually I am more personally an “anti social networks” person. I was not so dragged into it, to begin with, but then you realize that the people are there and there is where they are looking for us, they are looking for us in Facebook and places like that. So it is pretty cool we can do our little competitions about answering questions and have this direct contact. So that is very cool, as far as you avoid all the shit around it.


Your latest released album, Black Waltz, took a bit longer to be released than the previous ones. Any special reason for it?

Uhm, I guess so… Let´s count… The first album must be January 2006 and then one and a half year… and then 2 years. So yeah. We took a bit of time to focus on other things we wanted to take care of before releasing the album, the videos, the photos… Due to preparations, it needed a bit of delay. We tried to figure out how to get deals to release it everywhere and that takes time. And you cannot do that before the album is finished, because you want to send the record company the pictures, the videos, the songs, all the cool material. That made it take a little bit longer, but I have no regrets about it. That for example led to the US release that we talked about before, so it was good for us.

So you mentioned before that you are already working in the next album?

Yes, we have been working on it for a while and again, it is a bit too early for me to be too specific about it, but I think we got really cool stuff and now is about making all fit in the same box. I have hopes to have it released it this year, but expectations are always hard. Whatever we do, we want to do it 200%, so we still need some decisions to be made along the way. As I said, too early to be more specific, but for sure I can say that as soon as we are back at home, we will be working our asses off on it!

I have noticed that Avatar also loves paying special attention to the visual aspect and quality of the videos. For example I think it was actually very challenging to sing the lyrics backwards in “Torn Apart”, right?

Oh, yeah yeah! I would have needed two more months of practice, I guess! I was also looking for messages from Satan there, but sorry, nothing came out. Only I think I say something in a weird kind of German that is like “the trolls will stop right here”, but yeah, apart from that, no hidden messages. I have to disappoint you. But yeah, it was very tricky and funny to do! The theme was a bit of “Fight Club”, angry young men beating each other up out of pure frustration, and then came this fact that we are a bit of “circus” band in many ways and pro wrestling is totally like a circus thing to me, the extravagant showmanship fits perfectly. It was a fun way to portray this theme about frustration.


How is it for you guys when you are on tour? Do you also get those moments of frustration when you need some aggressive activity to relieve the feelings, or just booze kills the pain?

Well, beer keeps me happy, and well, maybe sounds like old cliché, but makes sense when you get onstage and you get the chance to scream and do something positive with that energy you have on you, especially when you get to share it with the audience, so you make a common experience out of it. That is something bigger than punching someone! It takes you and the audience to a better level.

Other theme that gets repeated in your music is the decadence. It seems that people find appealing the change between 2 eras, lights and shadows…

Yeah, it is a rich background to paint. It brings you automatically to some parts of your life where your actions have been maybe more decadent than other parts of your life, and that is all part of it. The transition between eras… that is when something is happening. I guess is a bit of a journey, every human being has some kind of experience of going up and down, this journey up and down, and I think those times are the most interesting to describe. And in that sense is because we like the circus theme. It has some mystery to it, the mystery of the circus.


I heard you feel very welcome in the previous American tour we just talked about by the other bands. In general in your musical career, what is your favorite band to tour with?

I have never had any real bad experience with other bands, the only dramatic one was our first tour because we were kids and we did not know how to behave, what to do or what not to do. So we gave Impaled Nazarene a hard time, I think, because we were kids that someone should have slapped us! And that was our fault, not theirs. Other than that, when you get to know how to work and be together, a circus company travelling, it is always good. We got the chance for example with a band we admire a lot, Halloween, so we could see them live 8 nights in a row and I got the chance to sit with Michael Weikath and ask him everything. That was super cool and they were super friendly. With other bands like In Flames is easy because we share a common background coming from the same city, we were swimming in the same swimming hall and walking the same streets. Now it is very cool to be with Engel because we know each other for a bunch of years, they were our rehearsing neighbors, and although before we played sometimes in the same shows, this is the first time we can do something together “for real”, putting our names in the same poster.

So what will be the next projects for the summer, I suppose pretty much dedicated to the incoming new album…?

Yes, we have 1 more show in August, but this summer will be pretty much devoted to writing and recording and creating a new great chapter for Avatar!

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Helloween + Gamma Ray in Bucharest. Concert Review

Written by Elena Paraschiv

Power metal back in line! Helloween started their world tour “Hellish Rock tour Part II”, together with Gamma Ray, at the end of February. The band first hit the stage in Barcelona, and after Italy, Greece and Eastern Europe, the pumpkins are heading to Scandinavia. First stop : Helsinki, on March 29, at The Circus. In Finland, Helloween will rock the Finnish audience three nights in a row. After Helsinki, it`s Tampere turn to be energized to the maximum on March 30 at Pakkahuone, and Oulu on March 31 at Club Teatria.

Helloween in Bucharest

Helloween was formed in 1984, by members of bands Iron Fist, Gentry and Powerfool. Since its creation, the band has experienced various line-ups. Among members who have taken part in this project, include Michael Kiske and also Kai Hansen, now the lead guitarist, and vocalist of power metal band Gamma Ray. Helloween released their fourteenth studio album, “Straight Out Of Hell”, on January 18, 2013. The album produced by Charlie Bauerfeind, who works with the band since 2000, is a masterpiece that lasts just over an hour. “Straight Out Of Hell” is a return in force of one of the most popular power metal bands, proving to even the most pessimistic of their fans that Helloween is back in business! A comeback to the real Helloween sound. The album picked position No.4 in Finnish Albums Chart.

Seeing on the same stage Gamma Ray and Helloween in Bucharest, those two emblems of the genre was delightful. The night was opened by Shadowside from Brazil. It was not a very good start. 30 minutes of pure torment. The lead-singer was trying too hard to reach those high notes and to sing the melodic parts. What was supposed to be a power metal start was nothing but an attempt with no success.

Next, Gamma Ray. Even though Hansen had some problems with his voice, the show was flawless. The public reaction was one to match with the show, as they played throughout the setlist along with the Germans from Gamma Ray.

Helloween in Bucharest


Anywhere in the Galaxy
Men, Martians and Machines
The Spirit
Gamma Ray (cover Birth Control)
Master of Confusion
Empire of the Undead
Future World (cover Helloween)
To the Metal
Send Me a Sign

And finally, the long awaited band takes the stage in force in the praise of the public. Helloween show started with two tracks from their new album “Straight Out Of Hell”, “Wanna Be Good” and “Nabataea”, (the best song of the material). So, the band threw the first power metal pill of a really dazzling night. Helloween`s show, had two moments that are fully enjoyed by those present. First was Daniel Löble`s drum solo: spectacular, incredibly, unbelievably good, and the second was the song “Hold Me In Your Arms”. This moment escapes from the power metal sphere with acoustic guitar and a more soft interpretation of Andi. Definitely, one of the best Helloween`s ballad-type song. But the show returns immediately to the power metal vibe, electrifying the public.

Helloween in Bucharest

The full set, the lights, the sound…all entwined with the perfect voice of Andi Deris, the magnificent drumming of Daniel Löble, the perfect bass of Markus Grosskopf, the majestic Gibson of Michael Weikath and the beautiful “Youth Gone Wild” of Sascha Gerstner, made the night a classy power metal show.

So, if you haven`t buy the ticket to see those two great bands…it`s time to hurry up, because this show is one of those shows that stays in your memory forever.


Wanna Be God
Eagle Fly Free
Straight Out of Hell
Where the Sinners Go
Waiting for the Thunder
Steel Tormentor
Drum Solo
I”m Alive
Live Now!
Hold Me in Your Arms
If I Could Fly
Hell Was Made in Heaven
Encore 1:
Are You Metal?
Dr. Stein
Encore 2:
Halloween / How Many Tears / Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
I Want Out (cu Gamma Ray)

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Concert Review: The Killers in Helsinki. 26/02/2013

Text: Antonio Diaz
Photos: Torey Mundowsky

From the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, came the American rock band The Killers to put some sunshine into the cloudy Finnish winter. As its charismatic vocalist Brandown Flowers asserted at the beginning of the show “It had been too long Helsinki” and the people of the capital were really eager to see them live.

The Killers in Helsinki

It was not actually that my impression when I was walking the few meters that separate Pasila Train Station from Hartwall Areena, the venue where the concert was about to take place a few minutes later. Just a bunch of fans were pacing fast towards there, so I imagined that the venue was going to be half empty, being a tuesday evening. Far from reality, it must have been actually my fault for arriving a bit late and missing the opening band Louis XIV, because actually Harwall Areena was almost fully packed with fans, many of them female, eager to move their feet. And they have a good change right from the start to shake the body, with the band starting strong with Mr. Brightside, continuing with some other infamous themes you must have listened to countless times in the radio stations or at the nightclubs like Human or Somebody Told Me.

It is undoubtedly Flowers the one who carries on with the charismatic part of the band. With his neat appearance in leather jacket and perfect haircut, he has this look of healthy young American boy with a touch of mischief in his gestures that get both the approval of the mothers and the screams from the young girls. Alternating fast pace songs with some other slow intimate moments with dimmed lights and Flowers on the piano, the band produced a solid show, if not to be remembered as outstanding, at least totally satisfactory to have a couple of hours of a good time listening to light heartening music and some touching moments like when Branson dared to sing a cover of “Forever Young” infamous song.

The Killers in Helsinki

Of course, after the first part of the show, it was compulsory for the band to come back to the stage for an encore of 3 songs and put the cherry on top of the cake with Battleborn and Flowers jumping to shake the hands of most people in the front row. Good show and good impression for being the first time I saw The Killers onstage, a band that transmit the feeling to know what they want.

If I would have to complain about something, I would say more about the organization in Hartwall Areena. First, because if you have the fetish to try to catch a setlist or a guitar pick from the roadies right after the show, security in Hartwall Areena is inmediately pushing you 20 seconds after the show ends to the exit. Secondly, because actually for exiting the venue, you have to walk all around the sports hall and takes 20 minutes, some organizer should have the bright idea to open a few more doors once the show is over to make the exiting of people easier… Luckily when it is winter in Finland, it is not so bad to be under shelter for a few more minutes before the cold outside bites your skin…





















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Concert Review: Europe + Mustasch at The Circus, Helsinki. 21.12.2012

Just before Christmas Helsinki got ready for a doses of great hard rock coming from the neighbouring country Sweden.

As headliners, a living legend: Europe! I still remember being just 6 years old and seeing Europe performing The Final Countdown on the national Spanish TV. It was maybe at that time the most popular foreign song heard and sang in Spain during that year… For many children of my generation, the first approach to see and listen to guys with long hair, electric guitars and leather jackets.

I would have never suspected to see them finally for first time in my life 26 years later in Finland, but life always has surprises awaiting for you. The venue was The Circus, and this was also the first time for me to see a concert there. On the positive side, I must say that it is spacious and with great acoustic, and its location in the heart of the city in Kamppi square makes it really easy to reach. On the less good side, the lines to wait at the entrance for giving or taking back your jackets from the wardrobe are pretty chaotic, and ordering a drink can take ages…


But before Europe, for warming up the environment, we had another great Swedish band that enjoys great popularity in Finlan: Mustasch. Also first time for me to see them live, and I must confess that their popularity is well deserved. Ralf Gyllenhammar and his boys gave a high voltage performance, making the crowd go wild with some of their anthems like Double Nature, Down in Black or 6:36 while the vocalist sprayed the first rows with beer, sharing great chemistry with the audience while trying to say some dirty words in Finnish or inviting some girls around for “funny times” at the backstage. They acted and sounted raw, wild and powerful, like a hard rock band with attitude should act on stage. Even when I was dreaming of seeing Europe live, I must say that at the end of the night, my feelings were that Mustasch had stolen the show.

And it is not that Europe´s concert was bad. Joey Tempest, John Norum and the rest of the band gave quite a decent show, and I certainly got goosebumps listening to some classics that will endure in the history of rock music forever such as Carrie, Rock the Night or of course The Final Countdown that ended the night. But still I noticed that same than for me, for many in the crowd they did not know some of the new songs and also the acoustic part of the concert left the people cold, so in general it was a concert with more up and downs than the previous of Mustasch, where every song was lava from a raging vulcano.

All in all, you cannot ask for much better than this before Christmas. Legends still keeping the flame alive plus one of the strongest current Swedish bands gathering more and more fans in Finland. Santa Claus did not give me a guitar pick as a present, but who the fuck cares when you walk to the bus stop still humming “The Final Countdown” inside your head…


Europe. Setlist at The Circus 2012

Riches to Rags
Not Supposed to Sing the Blues
Scream of Anger
No Stone Unturned
Demon Head
Acoustic set
The World Keep on Turning
(Fleetwood Mac cover) (John Norum on vocals)
Drink and a Smile
Open Your Heart
Love Is Not the Enemy
Girl From Lebanon
Sign of the Times
The Beast
Rock the Night
Last Look at Eden
The Final Countdown

Mustasch. Setlist at The Circus 2012

Heresy Blasphemy
Down In Black
It’s Never Too Late
Deep In The Woods
Bring Me Everyone
Damn Its Dark
Speed Metal
Double Nature
I Hunt Alone

Photos: Antonio Dìaz