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Nothing but the Truth

Kate Beckinsale i sable to show in this movie that she can be more than a pretty face in a bit super production (like Pearl Harbor, for example…) in this interesting drama that deals with honesty, freedom of speech and principles that go even beyond the law.

Based on true events, Beckinsale is an example to follow for all those who still believe that media has to dig into the dirty truth of the governments, and puts a question in our heads: “would you go that far, sacrificing your life for what you believe is fair?”.

Nothing but the truth

Together with her, Matt Dillon makes a pretty decent appearance as the Patton Dubois, you cannot less than hating him in the end, and Alan Alda shows a touch of class every time he steals the scenes with his elegant speeches and looks.

A movie that keeps you in a total state of empathy with the main character, and does not lack of a final interesting twist to put the cherry on top of the cake. For all of you interesting in journalism, work ethics and the American government policy vs freedom of speech, this is a must see!

Rating 4/5

The best: When Rachel gets interviewed while staying in jail by the TV reporter.

The worst: the movie has not got the promotion that it would deserve.

The detail: Based on true events suffered by New York Times writer Judith Mille who served almost 3 months in jail.

Nothing but the Truth Trailer

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The Cove

Awarded with the Oscar to the best documentary, this is undoubtedly a visually shocking piece of work by director Louie Psihoyos and his fellow activists.

Many people can attack the documentary of being too American, too hypocrite, too high-budget, and too many other things, but The Cove is undoubtedly one of the best documentaries of the last decade. It won´t leave you indifferent.

Edited in a very clever way, turning the story all around the figure of Ric O`Barry, the famous dolphin trainer who took command of the famous “Flipper” and later reconverted in a hardcore activist pro-dolphins, and his fight against the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji (Japan), it shows to the watcher a very different face of Japan. For a country that it is usually identified with efficiency, respect to traditions, martial arts, new technologies and sushi, it is in a way “refreshing” to contemplate also its darker side.

The Cove

The images are sometimes beautiful and sometimes brutal, being the crew supported by the latest and most sophisticated technologies. The peak of the movie is undoubtedly the last 10 minutes where you can finally contemplate in horror what happens in Taiji and its infamous cove.

You will love and you will hate this documentary if you are an animal lover, because it shows that in the end, there is no more cruel animal that the human being himself. Luckily, there are also people who will risk everything they have to denounce to those who want to hear.

Rating 4/5

The best: the scenes when the Japanese fishermen and the Japanese police threaten the crew.

The worst: the final slaughter scene is not recommended for sensitive stomachs.

The detail: After the final credits, you can still assist to one funny scene of the documentary.

The Cove Trailer

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Surrogates / Gamer

This is the first time I do a double film review in the same article, but well, I saw both movies Surrogates and Gamer one after the other, and at some points I felt like watching the same movie. Gerard Butler could have perfectly suit the role of Bruce Willis, and Willis, maybe a bit younger, could have been on the shoes of Butler with no problem.


It must be a trend in Hollywood that they release movies with similar patterns and topics at the same time. If before they did it with catastrophe movies, this time they play with virtual reality. New technologies have arrived to our everyday lives, and obviously the scriptwriters and directors are aware of that.

Surrogates is a good sci-fi movie, but it falls into a melting pot of all the classics of the genre. It is easy to see too many winks here and there to Blade Runner or I-Robot for just putting a couple of clear examples. The film is nonetheless saved by Willis, against fitting like a glove in a solitary character that goes beyond the borders to clarify the truth of some mysterious murders in a society where the real human beings just stay in bed leading mentally their surrogated robots. It could still have been more fruitful to see more interaction between real men and surrogates, the plot could have developed into much more funnier and interesting dialogues and situations with somebody who could pull the strings there. Director Jonathan Mostow failed in that.


Gamer is more a shoot`em up movie which ending can certainly be foreseen miles away. But Butler is always good as a tough guy, although the script falls into too simplistic, and does not develop much the secondary characters. A pity, because it could have had more potential if it was not focused about the typical story of good guy meeting at the end the bad guy for the final duel and recovering the chick…
All in all, both are good entertaining for a couple of hours, but I still think that virtual reality and new technologies can deserve a much better sci-fi product in the future. Let´s see if any director out there is able to bring it (ah ok, for one second I forgot about Avatar… ;) )

Surrogates – Rating 3/5

The best: Bruce Willis

The worst: A cocktail of sci-fi stereotypes that leaves the film with not much to create a self impression on the audience.

The detail: I just wonder if there would be enough room in a big city or in the world for double size of citizens, the real human beings and the surrogates in the streets…

Gamer – Rating 3/5

The best: John Leguizamo as Freek

The worst: At some point, it reminded me too much of Death Race…

The detail: Milo Ventimiglia from the TV series Heroes makes a short but funny appearance in the virtual world.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

If you want to be the best, you have to play with the best. That is exactly what Duke does joining forces with the most elite command on earth.


Well, I belong to a generation that grew up as children playing with G.I Joes in their living rooms. I still remember the arcade videogame after many years. So for me, this is not just another action movie. And actually, I must say that although I was expecting another disappointment as big or even bigger than the one I suffered the other day after watching Transformers 2, I kind of liked this movie.

Sure, the script is not made for receiving an Academy award, and people seem to find whatever minimum excuse to turn evil and try to destroy the world, but nevertheless, as a product of entertainment, the film works. The characters are what you expect them to be, no more, no less. Both female lead roles incarnated by Siena Miller and Rachel Nichols have a great presence on screen and a notable sexual charge, Ray Park (do you remember him in, among others, Star Wars I?) as Snake Eyes is once again amazing in the fighting choreographies and Channing Tatum And Marlon Wayans are pretty convincing as the “good guys” couple.


The bad guys look like bad guys, and just the presence of Dennis Quaid appears not to have much sense. The action is good, the special effects, although sometimes they are not at top level, work reasonably ok, and in this case, opposite to the second part of Transformers, I do not feel like being part of just a shallow propaganda for the American Army, but as of the fun of watching a notable action movie.

Imbd site´s users can say whatever the fuck they want, rating the movie under 6 out of 10, but for me, this is a more than a decent result, compared to all the crap that invades the DVD stands of any shop nowadays. Resuming, a movie worthy to watch if you like action movies without having to analyze the philosophical reasons of the human being´s existence.

Rating 3/5

The best: Marlon Wayans trying to get into the pants of Rachel Nichols.

The worst: some holes in the script. There are twists and “twists”.

The detail: G.I.J.O.E. stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Trailer


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Lesbian Vampire Killers

For the fans of horror movies with good doses of comedy and pretty girls, this is not going to disappoint you!

Lesbian Vampire Killers

I must say that actually I enjoyed this movie more than I expected. I knew that I was not going to find any “deep meaning” behind it, more like a film perfect to see in hangover days while lying on the sofa, but certainly, I think that different movies are made for different purposes, and this one accomplishes its own one.

The dialogues and the characters are funny and work, especially James Corden as Fletch, the best friend of the “hero”, horny and ready to party and make smart comments all the time.

Actually, opposite to what the title could imply, the amount of sex and erotic scenes is very light, hardly will you see one breast here and there, and the violence scenes are always wrapped with good humor, so it is a movie perfect to see with your girlfriend or with children around (whatever war movie they usually watch will have more shocking scenes there).

Lesbian Vampire Killers

For those of you who need a different perspective of the vampire world than what Twilight can offer, give a try to this one!

Rating 3/5

The best: Fletch killing the daughter of the priest and acting like nothing happened.

The worst: more physical contact between Jimmy and Lotte would have been welcome!

The detail: I watched the same day this one and “Two Lovers”, and enjoyed this much more by far!

Lesbian Vampire Killers Trailer

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The boat that rocked

An intelligent and funny history that tells about the period in Great Britain in the 60´s where pirate rock stations delighted the youngsters.


For any musical lover, this film is a must see. It is entertaining, well written, and enjoys a great cast with Bill Nighy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Kenneth Branagh or Emma Thompson among many other great names. I also enjoyed the presence of Chris O´Dowd and Sinead Matthews from my favorite British TV comedy, The IT Crowd.


The story tells the life of a crazy gang of Djs on a boat during the 60´s, period where rock stations were illegal in England. Fun, good jokes and overall, a great soundtrack that makes you appreciate the value of music in life, as well as friendship and how bad and hypocrite the stupid rules of governments can be sometimes. Totally recommended!

Rating 4/5

The best: The soundtrack of the movie is fantastic

The worst: The final with the shrinking boat was a bit weak.

The detail: You can see back after a long time in the same movie to Branagh and Thompson, although they do not share scenes.

The Boat that Rocked Trailer

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Two lovers

Joaquin Phoenix incarnates a charming bipolar Jewish guy splits between two loves.

two lovers

I knew that this probably would be another romantic movie with lack of spicy action, but actually I was really disappointed while watching it. I had the feeling of that “something good is about to happen” that never get to materialize, if you know what I mean. So here you have in the end another good example of a great cast and a big production (meaning a lot of money) wasted in a boring film.

Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor, and here shows once again, but the role could have had more to squeeze with a more intelligent script. Gwyneth Paltrow is as adorable and sexy as always, or even more, but actually her role of family breaker blondie could have been perfectly filled by other thousand of actresses. Not her best movie.

two lovers

In addition, the end is quite pessimistic, I am not sure what was the message they wanted to transmit, but for me, it seems like in the end you have to renounce to your dreams and set back into the harsh reality, being moderately happy. But is not Hollywood about following dreams?

Quite disappointing in the end. If you are a fan of the main actors, you can give it a try, but personally, I found it boring and forgettable.

Rating 2/5

The best: Vinessa Shaw acts and looks adorable as the Jewish girlfriend

The worst: when two bipolar people get together, you know the story is not going to end well.

The detail: It is set in Brooklyn (what a novelty for a romantic comedy…)

Two Lovers Trailer

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The Informers

Based on the book by the always acid and polemic Bret Easton Ellis, here comes a dissection of the elite’s way of life in Los Angeles.

The Informers

For being a movie that counts with such an impressive cast, with names like Kim Basinger, Rhys Ifans, Billy Bob Thornton or the “resurrected” Winona Ryder and Mickey Rourke, you could expect much more than what you find.

I catch the idea of what the movie wants to transmit, but I think it fails in achieving it. Apart from some great moments of Mel Raido as the invented rock star Brian Metro and losing my breathe contemplating the almost perfect beauty of the body of Amber Heard, the movie just left me as cold as the heart of most of the characters portrayed there.

DVD cover

Yes, in Hollywood there are excesses, rock, drugs, sex…so what? The story does not tell anything new, neither adds a new angle to the old stereotype. With such a cast, it turned to be a waste of resources…

Rating 2/5

The best: Honestly, that Amber Heard walks around most of the time naked or semi-naked.

The worst: You do not feel identified for good or bad reasons with the characters. It just does not produce reactions, served cold and eaten cold by the spectator.

The detail: Bret Easton Ellis also collaborated doing the screenplay of the film.

The Informers Trailer

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Star Trek

This is probably the sci-fic movie that everybody was looking forward to it during the current year. Does it keep up with the expectations?

Star Trek

I must confess I am not a Trekkie, probably I am more of a Star Wars fan (I love sword fights), but when I was a child I followed Star Trek with enthusiasm. It was not an easy task after a break of several years in the saga to make a movie that could be enjoyed by old fans and a new generation of viewers, but I think that J.J. Abrams has done a more than decent work to balance it.

There is action, a lot of it, and maybe not the typical philosophical and technical background that usually gets linked to the saga, but at the same time, the roots are still there. Chris Pine is excellent as the young and rebel captain Kirk, but the show is still stolen Zachary Quinto as Spock. Quinto shows once more, that same than his role in Heroes, he masters the roles of duality like nobody else. His intensity is the engine of the movie. Added to this, the special appearance of Leonard Nimoy is just what was needed to embrace the old and new Start Trek, not mentioning that Eric Bana is a plausible bad guy.

DVD cover

It is true there are some holes in the plot, but in the end what you are getting is a product very entertaining, without losing the own identity that Star Trek has carried for decades. A good one!

Rating 4/5

The best: Zachary Quinto almost choking Kirk. Who would guess they would become best friends?

The worst: some holes in the plot. What a coincidence that “old Spock” is in the same planet, at the same place where Kirk is sent as punishment…

The detail: It is the first movie of the saga where the real name of Uhura is mentioned (Nyota)

Star Trek – The Future Begins Trailer

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There are celebrities loved or hated, but that they will leave nobody indifferent. Tyson fell from the top of glory to the grade of villain, but certainly, makes a hell of a character for a documentary!


If there is a word that you could use for this movie is “empathy”. Obviously, you are not going to like Mike Tyson, but maybe after watching this documentary, you would not dislike him so much. Most of the things he did was wrong, but also, after watching the beginning and his explanation about his youth, you have the feeling that you understand better what could cross the mind of this boxing ex-champion.

Director James Toback accomplishes an interesting documentary that, although probably will hook more to the followers of sports and boxing, is still open for all kind of audiences. The mixed footage of interviews and moments in the life of Tyson is well cut, but sometimes, you have the feeling that the documentary was made in a kind of a “rush”, with not enough time to have squeeze the best that Tyson would have to say or offer. Nevertheless, it is admirable how all kind of topics are touched with no limits.

DVD cover

Maybe if you did not follow Tyson career or appearances in the press, you will not care to watch this one. But for all many others that saw the peak and falls of one of the biggest boxing champions of the last decades, this film will make the trick!

Rating 3/5

The best: The footage of young Tyson and his relation with his coach, Cus DÁmato

The worst: The interviews seem to have been made in a rush, trying to get as much as possible in a short period of time.

The detail: Tyson also appears on the big screen in the recent comedy success The Hangover.

Tyson Trailer

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I love you, man

Making good friends is not an easy task. If not, ask Paul Rudd, who is stuck between the love for his fiancée and the love for…Rush!.

Megan Fox

Paul Rudd is becoming one of my favorite comedy actors. Ok, maybe he does not suit the role of tough womanizers, but for the one here in I love you, man, he suits like a glove as the perfect son in law that any mother would invite for dinner.

I love you, man is a funny comedy, so accomplishes the expectations, but under the jokes, there is underneath quite serious issues for the generation of 30 something years old who has to choose between commitment and losing contact with friends…or having eternal hangovers with the mates and enjoying rock concerts. I am sure that more than one of you is going or has gone through that period of life. But actually, although Rudd makes a great work, is Jason Segel who steals the show here. He is just perfect in his incarnation of this eternal enjoyer of life, womanizer alpha male who can also be loyal to his best friends and is always up for a couple of beers and a good talk about rock, sex or business.

I love you man

Resuming, a good work by director John Hamburg, with a comedy that overpass the average quality of what you may see during these months on DVD.

Rating 4/5

The best: The guys jamming Rush!

The worst: Getting married without getting oral sex? No way! And Jon Favreau should have got a well deserved punishment for being such an asshole during the whole movie…

The detail: The drum set that you can see when they guys are jamming is a replica of one used by Keith Moon, the infamous drummer of The Who.

I love you, man Trailer

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Here comes the second part of Transformers, with more robots and Megan Fox looking sexier (if possible) than ever!

Megan Fox

I must admit that I enjoyed the first Transformers. As a child, I followed the TV series, and it was nice to see the robots in the big screen, although the plot would obviously not be the best possible. But this time, the “Americanization” of Transformers has gone too far. More than watching Transformers, movie seems just a mere product of propaganda for the American army, to show how sophisticated its weaponry is.

True, there is more action here, but the edition and links between scenes is really poor. Even Megatron and Optimus Prime do not enjoy of many minutes on screen, and the added new robots are more detestable than other thing. Not to mention the flaws in geography or history. Honestly, when you spend zillions of dollars in such a movie, is it so difficult to have somebody in the team that can locate Egyptian historical places properly? Michael Bay can be a master portraying war aircrafts, but has really miss this shot by far about creating a minimally movie with some common sense in what the characters go through.

DVD cover

Added to this, I still do not dig Shia LaBeouf. I did not like him in the last Indiana Jones, neither here. Thinking that a whiny guy like this is not only the key of salvation to the human race, but also the object of desire between Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas goes beyong the fantasy of a 15 year old teenager…

And do not worry, because soon we will have a third one with more American ammunition to spread around the world.

Rating 2/5

The best: Optimus Prime taking on several Deserticons in the woods. And Megan Fox riding a motorbike…
The worst: feeling that our intelligence is being insulted with such an horrific second part of the sage.
The detail: Some of the action was actually shot in the real pyramids in Egypt.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer

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Gran Torino

I must admit that together with Wes Anderson and a couple more of directors, the old “Dirty Harry” has always been one of my favorite American directors and actors.

What you are going to find here in Gran Torino is essentially a production 100% Clint Eastwood, reminding me of his great masterpiece Unforgiven. He is once more superb in his role of bitter war veteran with a dark past, and in both movies, although the later was a western and this is located in an American suburb invaded by immigrants, have many points in common, as for example the feeling of revenge after the abuse of a woman by a gang.

I know that many spectators would have enjoyed more another final with Eastwood applying his own justice, but the end of Gran Torino is even more amazing as an act of redemption. All along the movie, the great topics are touched: life and death, but between those two, there are many layers to discover in this incredible and prodigious onion; greediness and lack of communication with the sons, racism, religion, redemption, friendship, integration… Eastwood is able to create a cocktail with all this without losing the essence of his cinema, and obviously, in the end, the final is bittersweet, same than life itself.

If you like Eastwood´s movies and you still have not seen Gran Torino, run for it! Another great masterpiece to add to his collection of great titles like Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven… Mr Eastwood, like the good wines, knows how to taste better and better with the pass of time.

Rating 5/5

{mosimage}The best: The final with Eastwood staring at the house of the criminal gang

The worst: that we are not going to have the chance to see Eastwood in front of the camera much more.

The detail: the same Gran Torino car that appears in the movie was used in the 70s series Starsky & Hutch.

Trailer of Gran Torino

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Bottle Shock

{mosimage}Love, the eternal rivalry between USA and France…and overall many litres of good wine in this movie based on true events!


As a good Spaniard, I am quite a follower of the wine culture, not an expert, but from time to time I enjoy a bottle of good red wine. So obviously, the plot of this Bottle Shock was promising, with those amazing views of sunny vineyards around California. But the taste that the movie left in my mouth was not graceful at all. Big names and great actors like Alan Rickman or Bill Pullman seem to be wasted in the movie (especially Rickman who does not count with as many minutes on screen as he deserves). The story is more focused around the young friends Gustavo and Bo, and the irruption in their lives of Sam, a sexy female new worker studying the secrets of making wine as intern. But even the love story is twisted. Why the twist in the story, leaving Gustavo? It looks like the old prejudices of Hollywood for presenting multiracial couples are still far from gone.


In the end, you do not learn much about making wine, neither have you felt identified with the characters, and the result is predictable. A pity, because it could have been shaped into a much more interesting movie with a bit more of imagination and better direction.


Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best: Alan Rickman in the few minutes he is on screen.

The worst: Why the character of Gustavo gets ignored in most of the second half of the movie?  

The detail: The main events related in the movie are